Sunday, December 23, 2012

there's no place like home for the holidays!

my sister alli, and her husband tony were able to visit last weekend from sunny arizona. i've only seen her twice since she has been married and boy do i miss that girl!! we had a wonderful weekend with them (until the flu took over my family!) and were sad to see them go, much too soon!

we started off the weekend by heading up to salt lake without the kids (i took them up to be with their grandma the day before) to see my little brother brian perform in the acapella christmas concert. so proud of that boy! i absolutely love listening to this choir sing...brings back many memories :) 

^^first spotting of this lady. love you alli!!^^

^^i look like i'm twelve here, and apparently i didn't get the memo to wear a dark shade...but it was the only picture i got of the whole group.^^

^^love my sisters & mama^^

^^and this good looking bunch of guys^^

after bri's concert and walking around temple square, danny and i were able to attend the mormon tabernacle choir christmas concert with alfie boe and tom brokav. it was incredible!!!!! definitely put us in the christmas spirit. highlights of the night included: hearing alfie sing "bring him home" from les mis // the story of the "candy bomber", seeing him in person, and watching "candy bombs" drop from the conference center ceiling! the entire night was spectacular and it was so much fun to be with my sweetheart. after the concert we grabbed a bite to eat at blue lemon (my fav!) and even though it was freezing i enjoyed many cupfuls of their amazing ice (i'm a bit of an ice-aholic!)

we slept in layton friday night and saturday morning packed up the kids and headed to provo for some quality time with my sis! mike & bekah arrived friday night as well so max & ave were able to have a blast with their cousins. they are all so cute together.

it was a fabulous weekend full of family, laughter, good food...and the flu :( luckily i felt pretty good, but the rest of my little family got slammed!!! danny missed the entire week of work. it has been (and still is!!) rough!

^^ave has a giant crush on her uncle bri^^

^^sick kiddos :( ave fell asleep sitting up. broke my heart^^

and just so i don't leave you on a sad note, here is my studly brother singing one of the many songs that he has written (he wrote it this summer while my mom was at girls camp.) he is AMAZING. oh, and isn't my sister the cutest cheese grater you've ever seen?? :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

articles of faith

happy friday everyone! it has been a terrible week over here (full of sickness) so we are happy to see it come to a close! these videos were taken a few weeks ago (the kids look so healthy!) but i thought we could all use a little uplifting. this is the weekend before christmas after all! crazy!!!

max now has the fourth and fifth articles of faith memorized! we work hard almost every day at lunch and max & ave love watching the finished product. (don't mind max's horrible table manners! next i've got to teach him not to talk with his mouth full!):

avery has also been working on a few skills of her own:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

family pictures 2012

we ventured up to alpine, utah this year to have my good friend dayna take our family pictures (thank you dayna!!) i lovvve how they turned out. besides having to work extra, extra hard to get max to cooperate, i'd say everything went perfect. it was a beautiful fall day and the surroundings were lovely. 

my goodness i love my family: