Tuesday, January 26, 2010

special day for grandpa frank!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Frank!!! your favorite grandson misses you lots! fly home soon.
ps, yes we know that Australia is spelled wrong, oh well.
ps, thanks to jayne magleby (one of max's girlyfriends) for the birthday shout out idea.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

listen closely

i think if you listen carefully you will hear something totally awesome!!
hope you like

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


ever heard of stomp???

they are really, really cool.

we got to go see them monday night {danny's parents got us tickets for christmas} and it was such a party! never have i seen such talented people make noise out of ANYTHING. seriously...they were carrying sinks full of water and would play music with the dishes inside. a.ma.zing. toothpicks, newspapers, lighters, pots and pans...you name it...they played with it. plus, they have got to be SO in shape. they performed for 120 minutes straight. no intermission. to say the least, we were impressed. the show was over at the covey center on center street in provo. and we are so glad we got to get away for a couple hours and feel like we were in nyc.

oh, and as if we don't post enough pictures of this adorable little man on here already...
here are some more pictures of him with some of the things he loves:

1. time with daddy
2. time with mommy
3. dinner with mommy {he just licked it...i promise!}
4. opening {late} christmas presents from grandma + grandpa
5. chillin' in his bouncer
6. story time with daddy!
7. his soccer rattle
we love our little guy! he gets more fun every day!

Friday, January 08, 2010


friday's are good days around here. especially THIS friday. i survived my first week back at brigham young university. i wasn't quite sure if i was going to make it, but thanks to my understanding husband, and my sweet baby, i did it.

i'm taking eleven credits this semester {feels like eleven million...} but i actually think i am going to enjoy every single one of my classes this semester.

i'm taking: work and relationships in the home
basic entrepreneurship skills
teachings of the living prophets
women entrepreneurs
intermediate graphic design
{we are learning all about photoshop, illustrator, and indesign}

if i survive this semester i will just have two left to complete! {fourteen credits total} yayyyy.

p.s. have a fantastic weekend!
p.p.s. isn't he getting sooo big???

Monday, January 04, 2010

Saturday, January 02, 2010


something about a new year is so refreshing. a brand new year to start over and "try a little harder to be a little better." {gordon b. hinckley}

so. since it is now 20TEN here are TEN goals for the upcoming year:

one. graduate from BYU.
two. study scriptures/pray daily.
three. be a better wife.
four. get hired as a full-time seminary couple.
five. play and read with max more.
six. have fhe on a weekly basis.
seven. run a half marathon with danny.
eight. think more positively.
nine. attend the temple monthly.
ten. start a wedding invitation business.

speaking of number ten i need your advice. i designed my own wedding invite and have decided since then that i would love LOVE to put my creativity to good use and design invites for others. so. check out the poll on the right and vote on your fav name for my little business. {and if you don't like any of the names...let me know!}

AND check back soon for a little giveaway from yours truly. who doesn't love free stuff??

what a merry christmas

i'm a little behind on my blogging {and backwards, too!} but i hope you all had a very merry christmas! we sure did. christmas eve we spent with my family and it was a party! we made delicious home-made noodles with chicken and mashed potatoes. while we were waiting for dinner to cook we had a graham cracker house building extravaganza. danny made his dream home--a trailer! he even made a little swamp with melted jolly ranchers. what a creative husband i have. danny and mike also had a few intense rounds of the wii, while max and i hung out. after we stuffed ourselves and got sooooo full we watched "christopher mouse"--the film strip that my gramps salvaged from the garbage many years ago. and then we sang christmas carols around the christmas tree. what a great night.

{tons of noodles, huh???}

{intense wii baseball game}

{ohh i love him}


the next morning, danny, max, and i woke up and had a nice, relaxing, quite christmas at our own house. max ate...and then fell asleep not long after that. we opened our stockings while he slept, and then max joined us...but he was very uninterested. i have a feeling next christmas will be verrry different!

around noon we headed back to my parents for a delicious christmas brunch.

then we drove up to layton for the weekend to spend with danny's entire family. it was a blast! we ate yummy pork taco's, opened more gifts, and played tons of games. ticket to ride, guesstures, and our new favorite: monopoly deal. if you haven't played it before--go buy it today! it's monopoly in card form and it is so much fun. people get a little feisty while playing, but it is soo worth it!

{max got a gigantic mr. potato head with FOUR mr. potato heads inside...awesome}

the next morning we attended the blessing of little reed gregory--our newest nephew on the mckinley side. what a neat experience. he and max are just six weeks apart. how awesome is that?!

we played more games, and that night danny and i watched the blind side. highly recommended. i didn't realize it was a true story until the very end...but wow. we loved it.

we came home sunday evening after a weekend of fun. we are so blessed and are so grateful to have such wonderful family so close.

we hope you all had a wonderful christmas!!

Friday, January 01, 2010

it's a {wonderful} life

wow. what a year!! isn't it amazing to look back and think of all of the things that happened in just 365 days?? talk about mind boggling. 2009 was very good to us:

january: we received the news that we would be parents. whoa. even though we were planning on having a little baby...the next few months were quite surreal. attended jessica + steve's wedding & emily + elliot's wedding. played up in rexburg with our bff's meagan and ryan. {little did we know we would both be having babies later in the year}.

february: headed to manti, utah where we were sealed for eternity, and relived that wonderful day. stayed in a quaint little cabin in the middle of nowhere, and searched for hours for a place to fill our tummies.

march: st. patty's day we decided to share our big secret with the rest of the world. {how we waited that long i'll never know...}

april: moved out of our cute attic apartment. celebrated our birthday month. started the soccer season. dealt with the beginning of many injuries for danny. attended the brand new draper temple. started spring/summer classes. moved into the apartment with amazing sinks {but not so amazing landlords}

may: found out we were having a baby BOY. what a delight. baby was starting to feel THAT much more real. finished teaching first full semester of seminary at diamond fork junior. spent many days at seven peaks.

june: vacationed at snow canyon with my brother and his fam. found out we would be moving...AGAIN. found a wonderful basement apartment below our good friends kim and clay. painted the walls and got ready to move in. traveled to california with the byu soccer team. flew home and drove to rexburg for my bff lind's wedding.

july: got ready to move in when...the basement flooded. no home for a good two weeks. celebrated the fourth of july. became bigger by the day. danny's last byu soccer game.

august: one year anniversary!! xoxo. played at a cabin with our awesome friends up in sweet ole' idaho. spent two weeks in sunny, beautiful, hawaii. pure bliss. {but also eight months pregnant. not the most ideal combination...} started teaching seminary at timpview high school. yay t-birds. didn't think i could get any bigger...but then i did.

september: became parents. welcomed max into our family. found out that our hearts could love more than we ever thought possible. became instantly smitten by our little guy.

october: slowly learning to adjust to life with a newborn. halloween with our baby.

november: max reached a milestone and started sleeping through the night. hallelujah! celebrated turkey day in rexburg with my family.

december: danny graduated from byu. max and i met danny's seminary classes. awesome awesome. had a beautiful, relaxing christmas holiday. rang in the new year.

welcome 2010. what a fantastic year it is going to be.
i can just feel it.