Friday, January 02, 2015

the quarry

As if we hadn't done enough in one day, after the aquarium, we headed to Provo to use our Groupon to the Quarry (which also expired that day! I told you we were excellent at procrastinating!!!) This is our second time going & both times I've been so impressed at the kids' determination & bravery climbing up the wall! Even in my old age, the very tip-top of the wall makes my heart skip a beat. They did great & Graham even behaved (for the most part!) If it wasn't so $$$, I'd go back weekly. At least!

bounce back @ the aquarium

When we first went to the Living Planet Aquarium, they weren't totally finished with all of the exhibits,  so we got a voucher to come back again & on the very last day of the voucher, we used it (along with everyone else in the state of Utah!!) Aaron, Missy & Stockton came with us this time and we had a great time!

picnic with grandma shaunna

We met my mom for a picnic lunch in between her class & work and the kids were so excited about it! The turtles were out sunbathing, the food was delicious, and the ducks were swarming (when are they not?!) Ave was the bravest of us all while feeding ducks (she must be an animal person...unlike her mama!) and it was yet another great summer day.

last soccer game of the season. go blitz!!

The last game of the season was a great one. The weather was perfect (oh how I miss summer!!!), the kids were happy, the grass clippings kept Avery entertained for almost the whole game, and Chris & Nell and Aunt Cami came to cheer on team Blitz! It was one for the books.



cougar fan

Graham got these awesome jammies from (technically) my cousin Milo & he couldn't be cuter! Thanks Milo!

Also, I promise Graham is happy he joined our family...

We sure are!! :)

sidewalk art

Max has a love for any & all things art-related so when he saw the cover of this particular New Era magazine, he was all over it! He grabbed it, ran outside with some chalk, and got to work! You can't really tell in the pictures, but in the lower lefthand corner there is a geometric cube type thing, and that's what he was trying to draw. Pretty impressive for a 4 year old!!

the (failed) celery experiment

Have any of you ever tried to dye celery by sticking it in colored water for a few days? The kids were so excited about this (especially since we grew the celery! Maybe that was the problem!) but it did not work out. Oh well. It's the thought that counts, right?!