Friday, December 05, 2014

how does your garden grow?

This year's garden had a few firsts! Our apple tree produced a few of the cutest (and tastiest!) apples you ever did see.

And we planted & harvested dozens & dozens of potatoes!! Danny was the sole caretaker of the potatoes so he was incredibly proud when we dug them up. Nothing like fresh potatoes from the garden!

rice cereal

I honestly can't remember if this was Graham's first time eating rice cereal (I kind of think he had eaten it a couple times before these pictures were taken...) but either way, this was one of the first times & he has been a fan of food from the very beginning! He still loves to chow down but there is something so sweet about when they are just so brand-new at eating. I love it!!

After eating, the kids love to give their little baby brother lots of snuggles. He sure loves it!!!

mcbride's berry patch 2014

I love this place!!! I know I've blogged about it before, but McBride's Berry Patch is a little piece of heaven to me. Picking raspberries reminds me SO much of my grandparents (they had an incredible raspberry patch in their backyard in Rigby, Idaho) and though I would need to refine my green thumb, I think this would be a dream to do in retirement. 

This year, the Horton's joined us & I'm so glad they did!! We always love getting together with them & picking (and eating!) raspberries while doing that was an extra bonus :) If you live in (or near) Utah County, GO to McBride's next year! We make sure to go every single summer & I look forward to it every year! So family-friendly & deeeelicious.

// Can you spot the giant butterfly in the bottom right corner?! //

// The boys! //

// The berries! Yummo. //

the derby!!!

I realize that we are slightly crazy for taking our five-month-old baby to the Demolition Derby but it was our last Derby as Nephi residents and we just couldn't help ourselves. It has become one of our favorite family traditions (and you can bet we'll keep going, even though we don't live in Nephi anymore!!)

Graham wasn't a huge fan of the noise (it gets LOUD!!!!) but overall he did great. I ended up leaving a little bit early with Avery & Graham (we were all exhausted!) but it was yet another great derby. Plus, huge bonus!, we caught some excellent family photos :)


// Max's face is the BEST! I sure love this little family of mine! //

pizza night

I love growing a garden & on this particular night we had an entire salad straight from our garden! Lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers grown right in our own backyard. It doesn't get better than that! (Unless, of course, you have batman pizza to go with it!)

swing sandwich!

This winter has been incredibly mild but these pictures sure make me pine for summertime!! For me, it's the absolute best time of the year. The kids were in heaven swinging with Graham & Graham was a good sport putting up with his older sib's (as he usually is!) 



juab county fair 2014

These pictures feel like eons ago (it's still crazy to me that we just moved to Provo a little over two months ago!) but I *will* get caught up! I love my little blog & I'm not quite ready to give it up.

So, the Juab County Fair is a BIG deal. And we have grown to love it (even though we don't show animals like the rest of the town!) We especially look forward to the Demolition Derby (because, it's not every day that we get to be redneckkkk!) but one night we went over to the fair grounds to check it out & we had fun watching them do whatever they were doing :) We visited Grandma Nell in the exhibit hall & she gave the kids each a dollar to buy a sno-cone. That was the highlight of their night!


// we basically had the place to ourselves! //

// such a beautiful day!! //