Sunday, October 26, 2014

brotherly love

Max & Graham have always had a special bond, but the older they get, the sweeter it is. 
Something so awesome about brothers!!

museum of natural curiosity

While Tom & Greta were in town, my grandparents invited everyone to the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point. I'd heard good things & though it was amazing that none of my children got lost (soooo many people everywhere!) we had a blast & I'd love to go back when the crowds die down a little bit :) (Once again, I apologize for the horrible pictures! My iPod is not the greatest...)

temple to temple

I'm really good at running races that I've done absolutely no training for. This means that I barely make it through & afterwards I am dying! One of these days I will run a race that I actually train for (maybe!) On Pioneer day Provo held a "Temple to Temple" run (from the current Provo temple to the one in Provo being built) & we decided to do it last minute. We even talked my mom into joining us (which was a huge feat!) It was free, which was a nice bonus, and almost entirely downhill, bonus number two :) The kids did great & about five minutes after we started, we ran into my aunt Greta, so we ran the rest of the way with her. These pictures aren't the greatest but at least we got something!

After the race & some recuperating, we decided to check out the festival going on downtown. It was a happenin place & the highlight was getting balloon toys (those guys were amazing!)

We finished off a great day by spending it outside in my parent's beautiful backyard enjoying each others company & the wonderful weather. Oh how I love the summertime!


max's first soccer game!

Ever since Max was a little boy he has loved running, balls, and more running! He was devastated last summer when he wasn't old enough to play on the city soccer league (especially since they played right across from our house in Nephi!) but this past summer, he was more than ready!!

For his very first game he had quite the crowd & he couldn't have been more pleased. He scored two goals (one for his team, one for theirs :) and he loved every second of it. I foresee many, many more soccer games in our future! Thanks to all those who came down to support Max. He loves you all!

// One of my favorite things: Max laying out his entire outfit :) He is a very organized boy & made sure he was prepared down to the last detail! //

// Long days for Avery = crashing on the hard floor! //

temple date

Adjusting to life after a baby can be rough but we were so grateful to finally make it back to the Temple! Danny's mom watched all three of the kids & even though Danny forgot to tell her where the bottle was, everyone survived! We are so grateful for Temples & are love living closer to so many. God is good!

we heart the lake!

Excuse my absence!! Wow. Life has been so incredibly crazy these last few months but don't you worry. I will get caught up one of these days!

These pictures were taken back in JULY (!!!) but better late than never, right?! We love pine view & had a beautiful time out on the lake with family. Danny's brother Dave was in town with his kids & we had a blast! Max & Avery each tried wake boarding for the first time ever (with Danny) and I'm pretty sure it was the highlight of their trip. I even gave it a go!

// Graham was not a fan of the lifejacket, but let's be honest...who is?? //

// Sunglasses helped :) //

// My little sunshine //

// They were scared but were so brave & did it!!! //

So long sweet summer!!