Friday, August 27, 2010

peace out.

well, it has been fun guys...

but as desmond from LOST would say, "we'll see ya in another life, brotha."

we're moving in the morning!!! craziness. it hasn't really sunk in yet that we are going to be residing in the smallest town known to man...but hopefully we'll adjust ok :)

i'm 98% sure that we won't have internet connection at ALL {people down there don't even know what the internet is!} so it may be a while before we sign back on.

wish us luck!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

two buckeroos

during the month of august at thanksgiving point they have two dollar tuesdays, where you can go to any venue of theirs, for {you guessed it!} two bucks.

yesterday kim and i escaped with the babies for a little afternoon adventure...and it was a much needed break! {all of the home renovations lately have completely taken it out of me! remind me again why we wanted to buy a house...???}

we just bought a pass to stroll through the gardens, but our two dollars were well spent. we went through the children's gardens and saw hundreds of different flowers, plus lily pads, and waterfalls. max's favorite spot was the sand box. luckily, he didn't even try to eat the sand. something about being able to hold a shovel was pretty exciting to an eleven-month old boy like him.

{i had to show you the comparison between max + ellie and this childhood fav picture of mine by mary cassatt. isn't that the cutest???}

max and i in front of "noah's ark."

thanks kim for the fun afternoon, and the good chat in the car. i'm going to miss you!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

two years, baby!

today was our wedding anniversary...can you believe it has already been two years??
a LOT has happened since we entered the doors to the manti temple, but i wouldn't change a thing.

{because of the craziness of moving, i can't find actual wedding day pictures. these will have to suffice.}

amid all the paint fumes, splinters, sanders, and brushes, it was a pretty romantic day! :)

but seriously, life couldn't be better. i love you babe and am so glad that you asked me to marry you! what would life be life without you?? i don't even want to know.

daniel scott, thanks for making life so fun, for listening to my crazy fears, for telling me i'm beautiful, and for being such a wonderful husband.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

outside the box

for my history of creativity class i had to submit a project that tied history + creativity {go figure!} i didn't think it was going to be too big of a deal {i'm creative, right??} but the project was worth a whopping 200 points, so i was a little nervous.

i could NOT, for the life of me, think of something to do! sure, i'm creative, but tying it into humanities is not my forte. anyways, last minute {as in, three days before it was due!} i began working on "my little box of creativity."

i decided to get a bunch of crayola products: play-doh, new twistables slick stix {which, by the way, are AMAZING!}, and cute little pip-squeak markers to spark creativity in the little ones. then, i made historical finger puppets. wow, did i underestimate how long that would take! i probably added a few too many embellishments, but i think hope they will be something that my kids will play with...and learn while they are at it!

i'm pretty pleased with how everything turned out. so, i thought i would share the love.

{sorry the lighting is such horrible quality...i really need some photography lessons!}

{from left to right: louis xiv, martin luther, leonardo da vinci, queen elizabeth of england, william shakespeare}

i also made these little fact cards to go along with them:

what do you think?? did you learn something new? :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


done and done.

i am no longer an on-campus student!
{with one and a half independent study courses to go, i will be a full-fledged college grad.}

i never thought the day would come.
and i am MORE than relieved.

trying to juggle being a good wifey, mother, daughter, friend, student, etc...has been a little bit challenging for me. ok, it's been very challenging, but the end is so near and i couldn't be happier.

thanks to my husband, parents {both sets!}, siblings, friends, and everyone else who made this dream become a reality. though i am not doing anything out in the workplace with my degree {home and family living} it is going to come in handy probably more than once a week at home.

yay for {almost} being done!!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


the annual george family reunion was held over pioneer day weekend in rigby, idaho.
{a quaint, little town nestled in between idaho falls and rexburg.}

we decided to make the trip since we don't think we'll be heading up that way anytime soon. it was great to see the younger generation of cousins, and to visit with all eight of my aunts and uncles. we also got to spend time with my grandparents, which is always a treat.

my uncle lyle was the master chef for the entire day, and let me just tell you that his food is AMAZING. i don't think i could have eaten one more bite. of anything.

the day was spent visiting, eating, playing random/funny games, and we concluded with a talent show. unfortunately, danny and i didn't have time to prepare anything, but afterwards we wished we had! my family is SO amazingly talented and sitting there listening to my family members made me even more grateful to belong to the family that i do.

max LOVED the reunion and absolutely adores all of my cousins and aunts + uncles. he was being passed from one person to the next...and he couldn't have been more pleased. he definitely didn't mind all of the attention.

probably the highlight of the reunion was when most of the teenage boys sang "baby" by justin bieber. {i didn't even know he existed before this reunion! how out of the loop am i??}

our camera ran out of space before their performance was over, but you can still get the gist of it. enjoy! :)

p.s. my little bro is in red. isn't he so cute??