Wednesday, March 31, 2010

grandma debbie

max may be in the third percentile for weight...but he is in the ninety ninth percentile for finger painting skills! he thought long and hard about what to get his grandma debbie for her birthday, and finally settled on this:

i know, i know. you are probably amazed that he already knows how to spell. so were we! he is such a talented little boy. he wanted to make sure that his grandma knew just exactly how much he loves her.

he also wanted to make sure that it was a big surprise, so he asked us to wrap him up in his blanket {he is also eco-friendly} and he brought along this green bow to place on top of his head.

as he had predicted, it was a hit with grandma. she unwrapped him to find his personalized birthday message, right on his shirt. he is going to have a hard time doing better next year, but i have no doubt he'll come up with something great.

we love you {mom} grandma debbie!!
hope you had a wonderful day.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


one, two, three, four, five, SIX.

can you believe it?? our little bubba is now six months old. that is half way to a year!! crazy. we haven't had his check up yet {i'm excited to see if that baby food is helping his weight gain at all!} but to me it seems like he is growing like crrrrrrazy.

last night i was going through a bunch of old pictures and i got caught up in looking at pictures from six months ago. it amazes me that in six short months our little man has gone from this:

to this:

he sure does have a LOT of personality. no matter where we are, people comment on:
1. his big, bright, beautiful eyes.
2. the energy he has. when he is awake and content...he doesn't stop moving.
3. his gigantic smile. it's contagious.

in the picture above i was trying to capture the latest milestone of his...he has TEETH. two of them right on the bottom. they are super cute {and crooked} but that explains why he has had such a weird sleeping schedule lately. they pretty much popped up out of no where.

to celebrate his {half} birthday we took a little trip down to st. george with danny's fam to watch aaron play soccer. we got there friday afternoon, went to olive graden with the team, cheered on weber state, and got max to bed really late. he was such a trooper though. we even let him bathe in the sink of our hotel room. he was loving it...and splashing ALL over the floor {oops!}

enjoying the beautiful sunshine with daddy

hanging with grandpa frank at dinner

cheering on uncle aaron with mommy

relaxing in the sink

on saturday we slept in, then aaron, missy, danny, and i went to the st. george temple. oh. my goodness. such a gorgeous temple!! i have never been to the temple grounds before and it is BEAUTIFUL. we got to do baptisms and had a great time. {unfortunately i forgot my camera} on our way out we stopped at the outlet's and grandma debbie couldn't resist getting this little easter shirt for max. he wore it today to church and looked like such a little man! where has our baby gone??

and this is his latest trick:
{he'll sit like this for minutes at a is pretty entertaining.}

he seems to be learning sooo much and we love getting to know him more and more each day.

we love you maxie max!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

king for a day

ps this is danny.
so this post is mostly for my mama who never thought this day would come! it took roughly three byu years, a regis transfer year, a couple of withdraws, a couple of d's, and some major flirting with professors... but i made it!!! i am a college graduate.

it feels good to be done. ive had the diploma for about 2 months, sorry mom, but wanted to put it in the frame and take a cheesy picture to show it off. thanks mom and dad for always encouraging me to finish, you're the best! if you can't read the small writing i have a double major of pre-med and pre-law, which some think isn't offered at byu (jenny) but believe me, IT IS. ok so i have a single major in sociology, but its pretty much the same thing.

my sister fini already did the doctor thing, and i totally would have but two docs in the fam would be too much so im going the seminary route. we find out in exactly 24 days what happens with our future. crazy eh??? if we stop answering phone calls after that day you can assume we have crawled into a deep dark hole. haha. just kidding. we can honestly say that God is in charge and He guides our lives. if He doesn't want me to be a seminary teacher, that just means he wants me to do something else and become rich!
as my brother matt puts it: faith. the answer is always faith.
just a couple more pics for fun.
we love you all

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

calling all mama's

lately i've had this desire to do be more crafty. i've been finding all these awesome craft blogs...and now have a list of {at least} ten projects that i want to get started on.

i LOVE this blankie idea
and this blog has tonnnnns of cute ideas. love them all.

the project though, that i've been most interested in starting is a quiet/activity book. there are some darling ones out there. {see here, here, and here.} but, goodness, they seem like a lot of work.

so. i thought i'd throw this idea out onto the ol' blog and see if any mommy's/mommy-to-be's are interested in joining a little "quiet book group."

i'm not quite sure how i want it to work yet, but i thought each mama that is interested could be in charge of one page {or a two page spread} and then we could send that page to each of the mom's in the group. {am i even making any sense??}

that way, each mom would just have to master one page...and it {seems} like it would be a lot less work.

i just wanted to see how many {if any} are interested, and then i can work out all the nitty-gritty details later. if you want to join the group, leave a comment or email me at{at}

p.s. happy st. patty's day!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


{i am obsessed with those big brown eyes!!}

i don't know where this week has gone, but with school, seminary, a baby, and everything else in between i haven't been able to update the blog in a while.

we've been having a b.l.a.s.t. with our little guy. he is getting so much more interactive and is laughing multiple times a day. he's a tiny bit better at tummy time, is obsessssssed with my phone, still loves baby food, and has just recently begun letting danny put him to bed...some of the time {he is a serious mama's boy!}

here are some of maxwell's first's:

first {real} encounter with the sun. yay for spring time!! we can't wait.

first time clowning around. ok. i guess this was our doing...but it was awesome! the ring stayed on his forehead no matter how much he moved his head around.

first time letting danny put him to bed without screaming for one hour straight. it was awesome.

first day of "school". is it bad that we play around with him so much?? he probably thinks his parents are crazy. but with that little polo shirt on we couldn't help but think he looked like a little school boy.

first time being mr. potato head. again, max probably thinks he has the craziest parents. hah. this was not my doing though...danny told me to come into the room and this is what i found.

needless to say, we've been having fun over at our household. life is good. max is growing bigger every day. and we love it.

p.s. i've been a little blog crazy since max is taking a marathon nap. make sure to check out my last two posts as well!

first aid

a few of you may know about the entrepreneurship class i am taking at byu where i have to earn $1500 before the end of the semester or we fail the class. and if you know that, you also know that my group has earned $0. awesome huh??

not so much. BUT, the good news is that we re-vamped our idea and have come up with something pretty awesome:

first aid kits
{in a hot pad}

we are selling them for seven bucks a piece and they are awesome!

each kit comes with:

alcohol cleansing pads
germ-x antibacterial soft wipes
safety pins
nail file
band aids
plastic gloves
and instructions on how to do cpr on adults, children, and babies

they fit nicely in purses, glove compartments, etc...and make excellent gifts as well.
{if you buy more than one, special deals are available!} colors of hot pad/buttons are customizable.

if you or anybody else you know is interested, let me know!
we can get them to you asap.

san fran

we are headed on a little vaycay next month {first family vacation with the three of us}...and we can't wait!! we'll be leaving ONE week before finding out if we get hired so we thought a little get-away would be much needed. {we'll be a tad bit stressed out}

we've always wanted to go to san francisco {danny went when he was a little boy, and i've never been} so if any of you have any recommendations as to what we HAVE to do, we'd gladly appreciate it!

Monday, March 01, 2010


two weekends ago, max and i ventured up to beautiful idaho for a little weekend getaway. {danny had a campout with the young men in our ward...he is such a trooper! camping in february??? no thanks!}

my cousin jordan got married to a cute girl, inna, originally from russia. so my family went up and we decided to tag along. it was a fabulous trip. besides the fact that i was husband-less for almost three days. that was definitely no bueno.

we arrived friday afternoon just in time for the sealing in the rexburg temple. it was wonderful. i'm glad i was able to be there. then, we went back to rigby and rescued a screaming max from uncle bri. the rest of the day, we relaxed, had a stamp group with my aunts, watched the olympics, had a yummy dinner, and taught my fam how to play monopoly deal.

saturday was spent playing more games {i love games with the georges!} and getting ready for the wedding reception that night. there was a big family dinner at five and in between the dinner and the reception, max and i went to see my bff meagan, and her husband ryan, and cute baby brinley.

i LOVE them. it is always soooo so good to see meagan...especially since we are living the same lives right now {more or less.} we are both crazy busy with school, being new mommies, and trying to be good wives, all at the same time.

remember this post? scroll to the bottom and you'll see a younger version of max and his girly-friend, brinley. they are basically the cutest babies...ever. and totally destined for each other. well, no matter what happens between them, we sure do have a lot of fun together now! {too bad we live four hours apart though.}

all-in-all, it was fantastic! thank goodness for spur of the moment getaways.