Monday, March 01, 2010


two weekends ago, max and i ventured up to beautiful idaho for a little weekend getaway. {danny had a campout with the young men in our ward...he is such a trooper! camping in february??? no thanks!}

my cousin jordan got married to a cute girl, inna, originally from russia. so my family went up and we decided to tag along. it was a fabulous trip. besides the fact that i was husband-less for almost three days. that was definitely no bueno.

we arrived friday afternoon just in time for the sealing in the rexburg temple. it was wonderful. i'm glad i was able to be there. then, we went back to rigby and rescued a screaming max from uncle bri. the rest of the day, we relaxed, had a stamp group with my aunts, watched the olympics, had a yummy dinner, and taught my fam how to play monopoly deal.

saturday was spent playing more games {i love games with the georges!} and getting ready for the wedding reception that night. there was a big family dinner at five and in between the dinner and the reception, max and i went to see my bff meagan, and her husband ryan, and cute baby brinley.

i LOVE them. it is always soooo so good to see meagan...especially since we are living the same lives right now {more or less.} we are both crazy busy with school, being new mommies, and trying to be good wives, all at the same time.

remember this post? scroll to the bottom and you'll see a younger version of max and his girly-friend, brinley. they are basically the cutest babies...ever. and totally destined for each other. well, no matter what happens between them, we sure do have a lot of fun together now! {too bad we live four hours apart though.}

all-in-all, it was fantastic! thank goodness for spur of the moment getaways.


  1. How fun! I still need to go back up to Idaho sometime! I miss it like crazy! What a cute little guy Max is, yesterday was so much fun hanging out. I'm glad I could entertain him with my bracelet skills :)

  2. What a fun little trip! Max is so cute Jessie. He seems like a good little baby, and it seems like you have so much fun being a mommy!

  3. I was juuuuust going to post about that today!! craaazy. They are the same size now! So funny! love youuu

  4. How adorable! It's crazy to look back at that older post and see how big babies get in just a few short months!

  5. Dear Jessie-
    Could you quit making your blog be so adorable! It kind of makes me want to be you. Thats all. Love you.
    -Kate :)