Monday, November 24, 2008


three months ago (yesterday) daniel scott and i were sealed for time and all eternity in the manti temple. to hear more about the temple and our religion, go here. it was a beautiful, perfect day. thanks again to all those who helped us make it there, and continue to support us in our lives. we love you guys! hayley anderson was our awesome photographer, she did a FAB job.

life is wonderful. enjoy the pictures.

breath of heaven

meagan, my awesome bff, tagged me and wants me to list
five weird things that most people don't know about me. here goes!

1. i'm 1/16 lebanese. and proud of it!

2. when i was little i wanted to be a writer. then a dolphin trainer
at sea world. then a hair stylist. then an interior designer. after that i decided
i was going to be an architect. then a rec leadership major.
then i was going to drop out of school all together and become a model...
but i've FINALLY declared a major.

home and family living.

turns out i'm super picky and indecisive.

3. i have an ADDICTION with eating ice. everyone tells me i'm going to ruin my teeth. but i've never had a chipped tooth, cavity, root canal, i don't listen. which leads me to my next weird thing...

4. i've never had braces! i used to want them SO bad. now i realize how lucky i am.

5. i don't use shaving cream. good old dove bar soap is where its at.

there you have it. five weird things about jessie.
jill gleue, brittany herdman, and brittany're it!

ps. meagan, i titled this post in memory of you and amelia...
i listened to that song today. YAY for winter of '07. love you!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


we all LOVE free stuff, right???
well, have i got the deal for YOU!

our friends caleb and lauren called us tonight
and shared the following info with us:

1. go to
2. click on "oprah viewers"
3. sign up for a FREE photo album (a $30 value)
you can put pictures, artwork; anything that your heart desires in up to 20 pages

but you gotta act quick.
the deal from oprah only lasts until
tomorrow night at midnight!

ENJOY your FREE gift!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

gus gus

the little mermaid and cinderella were my all-time favorite movies growing up.
gus gus was a personal favorite.


when we woke up to find a dead "gus gus" stuck to our super sticky, awesome spider trap. i've never seen a real mouse before and now i'm wondering what in the world disney was thinking when they made gus gus so cute.

danny was on his way to work when the dead mouse was discovered...
i was going to spend the morning at home, but quickly changed my mind and booked it up to campus. below are our beautiful faces after our encounter with that furry little guy.

halloween festivities

and i couldn't have been more excited about it this year, since i now have a husband to get all dressed up with. we shopped around, but nothing seemed to satisfy us. until they made the announcement in our ward, "if you need a halloween costume contact terry." we were losing hope (and time) so we called up this lady in our ward and HOLY COW i've never seen someone so into halloween. she has an entire basement dedicated to the holiday, and she has just about every costume you could possibly think of. she pulled out tons of things for us to try on, and we finally decided on cruella deville. i put on the whole costume, and she started screaming, while grabbing danny's arm and said, "you look exactly like glenn close!!!" i'm not sure if i agree with her on that one, but it was fun to dress up. danny was jasper, my dog snatcher, and we had a great time. we started out the evening by eating mom's famous "halloween soup" with the family, and then we took cami trick-or-treating (and got candy for ourselves!) after a good two solid hours of knocking on doors we headed over to our friend's kim and clay for a fun party.
yay for holidays. next up: turkey day!

the gang.

mariah was the cutest little giraffe you've ever seen.

the costumes.

eric, ford, and bri
(he was the sweetest nerd. ever! he even had a name tag.)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

day trip to dixie

a couple weeks ago, danny and i went down to st. george with his parents to watch aaron play in his soccer game. he started the game and played until he got hurt...and then he finished up the game. dixie played grand canyon from az and we won! afterwards we all went to dinner and we had a great was a very nice get-away from school!