Wednesday, July 06, 2011


happy {be-lated} 4th of july!!!

i'm almost positive that this is officially my favorite holiday of the year.
you can't beat bbq's, fireworks, parades, festivals, and the warm weather.

i realize that basically everyone in blog land has already re-capped their 4th of july holiday, but this year my holiday was a little bit different than years past...

i ran in the freedom run 10k!!!

yes, i just had a baby. no, i didn't train. yes, i'm crazy. and no, i can't walk!
but aside from all that, it was a BLAST. me + four of my closest girlfriends woke up bright and early on the 4th {along with thousands of others!} to run 6.2 miles.

it was insane...i was definitely tempted to "accidentally" get on the 5k route, but i stuck with the 10k. and i did it!!

i am a finisher.
{bloody heels and all!}

pre-race pictures:

{kate, dayna, kim + me...keri hadn't come yet!}

post-race pictures:

right after the race we headed over to our friends to watch the parade. ellie + max made some more quality 4th of july memories {see pics from last year here!} and we had fun just hanging out.

the rest of the day we took it easy. we got sno cones, stopped by at the freedom festival, and went to our family bbq. we enjoyed yummy food, set off multiple rockets, and lit fireworks...until we got rained out. we didn't make it home until late that night, but what a fun day we had!

{ellie + max in the GIANT sand box at the freedom festival. they both loved it!}

{avery + danny at the park. she didn't have anything festive so i jazzed up a little onesie. it turned out a little clown-esqe, but she made it look cute :)}

mmm isn't she scrumptious?? we could just eat her up. she's got some rolls on those legs of hers...which is a new thing for us. max was skin + bones :)

hope all of you had a wonderful 4th of july holiday!
god bless america.


  1. Oh my gosh good for you running that 10k! I think that's what I need to do...just sign up, don't train, and be forced to run! Just to prove to myself I still can run that far without dying.

    Um, Avery? Her skin is to die for gorgeous!!!

    Happy 4th!!! Weren't Tom and Greta out there?

  2. Yaaaay! Congrats! I can't believe your shoes :(. I want to hear all about it.

  3. Holy cow!! How did you just up and run a 10k?? Way to go! That's crazy!

  4. I hope this means you found your camera! It was so fun to see you and meet Avery. We should have gotten a picture of the girls together. Congrats on the 10K. I can't even think about doing something like that anywhere in the near future.

  5. That's so cool that you just did it without training, your poor heels! Was that your first race? I loved that one when I did it last year.

  6. i cannot believe you ran a 10k. i would die, especially not training! props to you!! also, where did you get that awesome stroller? i have been looking for one, not that we're having the second child anytime soon, but they seem to be like $700 bucks!

    also, max and avery are too too cute. =)

  7. WHAT!?!?! You ran a 10k? You ARE crazy...and amazing, even more amazing than I already thought. Way to go! Those shoes are a killlller. I can't beleive that. Yow! So...does this mean you are in on the 5k at Lavender Days this weekend??

  8. um excuse me.... i STILL haven't recapped our fourth of July. maybe i should get on that and the millions of other things i should be posting haha.

    the race, seriously, i am so proud of you! (then again i sort of hate you for doing it...) you did so awesome! one day i will grow up and be you, it will be great! anyway, call us next time you hike stewart falls or something, we'd love to jump in on some of your outdoor fun! Love you cute girl!