Thursday, February 18, 2010

who knew??

who knew that max would loooooooove sweet potatoes so much?? cuz he totally does. wanna see the proof?

day one:

gotta love those big brown eyes!

day two:

day three {tonight}

he just can't get enough. we decided that since the doc noticed he's been dropping a little bit of weight we'd squeeze in an extra meal of something a little more nutritious. he doesn't seem to mind one bit!


  1. YAY! I'm glad he continued to like them. It was really funny seeing Danny feeding him the first time. :)

  2. Feeding them baby food is so fun!!! Jayne is a definite sweet potato fan too. Max looked so cute in that bouncer bouncing like crazy!!! And that laugh! I love it! What a little stud. Love him.

  3. I love it! He gets so excited. And he definitely has a strong kick!

  4. I LOVE HIM! And I am so excited to start brinley on food. We gave her a little taste of applesauce and she seemed to enjoy it!! He is SOOO busy in that chair! Brinley hates her bouncy chair! She would rather be on the ground on her back or tummy.

  5. That is way fun. My son is not a fan of the sweet potatoes at all he hates them, any of the vegetables really. He love those fruits though. You guys have a rad new little family congrats.

  6. SO CUTE!! He's so funny kicking like crazy! Give him little hugs and kisses for me!!