Thursday, February 18, 2010

weekend of love

wasn't it great having valentines day fall on sunday?? i'm definitely a fan of having a weekend full of activities. as with most things, it was a little different with a baby...but we still had a blast! danny surprised me with flowers on thursday; he is the best! i was in charge of the activities this year {we switch off} so this is what we did on saturday:

.dinner at tgi fridays.
neither of us had ever been there so that was fun.
.dessert at the sweet tooth fairy.
my new absolute favorite place! their cupcakes are
.redbox rental {danny's choice}.
he chose imagine that with eddie murphey. funny show.

sunday, after sweet baby ellie's blessing, we drove up to layton to spend time with the fam. we got to see danny's grandma, and aunt & uncle and finally introduce them to little max. of course, he instantly loved could he not?? they are the best.

for v-day dinner, danny's mom planned a delicious meal and had the entire basement decked out with decorations, roses for the girls, and baggies of candy and every plate. it was awesome. we spent the night hanging out, and playing monopoly deal and farkle {our two favorite games at the moment.}

we spent the night, and monday had a very relaxing day. danny had his friends over to play nintendo. read that right. they were like little kids but they had a blast. cameron has a little girl two days younger than max...they almost look like they could be twins! little jenny about took max out though, it was pretty funny.

after the friends left, we went with aaron and missy to boondocks for a little laser tag and arcades. it was a blast! danny killed us all in laser tag, and aaron won the jackpot for the jumping jack game. pretty sweet.

all in all, it was a fantastic weekend! we are so lucky to be surrounded by such great family!


  1. I don't know if you saw this but it totally looks like your little boy is trying to secretly give the camera the birdie haha.

  2. That last comment. . . yeah that wasn't tara that was me. . .

  3. Fun weekend!! I'm glad you guys had a great time. Next time try the cake bites at Sweet Tooth Fairy. You won't be disappointed!