Sunday, March 27, 2011

hands up...

...stand up!!

max learned a new trick over the weekend.
not sure certainly wasn't from me!
{i've never been able to do a hand stand in my life!}

p.s. notice the bucket in the video?? yeah, i caught max's little flu bug and it made for a rough night + day. luckily it didn't hang around too long, but i was pretty useless for the entire weekend. good thing i have one incredible husband!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

truth tuesday

my bff, meagan, is continually inspiring me. the past five weeks she has been doing what she calls "truth tuesday" and writes whatever is on her mind--but it has to be the truth. i've had a crazy couple of days so i thought this might help a little with the venting...enjoy! :)

i just finished my very last paper for sfl 160!!!!!!! i'm taking the final this friday and then i will be DONE. {only 9.5 more credits to go...}

last wednesday night, our power went out at 8:30 pm. oh, and guess who wasn't home??? daniel. yeah, i was a wreck. i have no idea how i would have survived as a pioneer. luckily, i found a flashlight in the kitchen and then i just sat in the living room for a while listening to the rain pelt against the house. it wasn't until i got a text from danny telling me to "light lots of candles" that i even remembered we had candles in the house. candle light is much more inviting than flashlight.

i want this necklace. my birthday is coming up...just sayin.
{oh, and in case you were wondering, baby girl's first name is going to start with 'A' get excited!}

max got the flu on friday. i'm pretty sure we have given him twenty baths since then. {ok, maybe i'm not so good at this "truth tuesday" because i love to exaggerate...but it really has been a lot.} we were supposed to go up to layton for the weekend, but after he threw up three times in the car, we decided to turn around. we made it to american fork. it was a good thing too--today is the first day he hasn't thrown up the entire contents of his stomach.

i'm worried that the trading post is going to be a total flop.
advice, anyone???

i am a total byu basketball fan. i know you're sick of hearing the name, "jimmer fredette" but honestly, have you seen him play??? he is amazing. jackson emery is also a fav. i totally have byu winning march madness. {yes, i made a bracket. and yes, it's doing mighty fine. ten times better than my husband's, i might add.}

i can't wait for general conference. and guess what?? the saturday sessions are on my b-day! what a great way to spend the day, huh? i am in some serious need of spiritual pick-me-ups.

yesterday i had my 35-week appt. for little miss. a. apparently, i'm measuring three weeks smaller than i am supposed to be. whaaattt?? he scheduled a rush ultrasound for me yesterday afternoon to make sure that nothing was wrong with the baby. {talk about stressful!!} however, the ultrasound went great. baby is happy and healthy. {and maybe measuring four days small...} what can i say?? we don't make fat babies.

speaking of babies, we have about four outfits for the little munchkin. good thing it will be warming up, because as danny says...she is going to be living in her diaper!!!

my parents are coming down this weekend to help us build grow boxes for our GARDEN!! i cannot wait for fresh produce this summer! yummmm.

oh, and in FIVE WEEKS we are going to have two children. i just can't seem to wrap my mind around that little fact. ahhh. i can't wait.

Monday, March 14, 2011

popcorn poppin

ever since i was little, my family has had a whirley pop...the greatest popcorn maker known to man. for christmas a few years ago, my brother + sis-in-law gave us a whirley pop for christmas. we used it a few times and then got lazy and hardly pulled it out.

then, last week danny's parents stayed the night and we watched secretariat. {amazing movie, by the way} we remembered about our popcorn maker, decided to give it a whirl...and it made some of the best popcorn we have had in a looong time.

since max was sleeping when we enjoyed the popcorn, we decided to make some the other night to munch on during family scripture study.

let's just say that max has NEVER sat so still before!! he snuggled up right next to me and ate, and ate, and ate...who knew there was so much room in his little tummy??

it was one of those times that are just so perfect.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

nana muffins

it's at times like this when i look at my little boy and think,
"when in the world did you get so big?!?"

last week i was planning on whipping up a batch of banana muffins for danny when he came home during his break. i thought max would just play by himself, but as i started pulling out all the ingredients, he made it known that he was definitely going to help me. i pulled a chair over, tied a towel around his neck {after he had smeared vegetable oil all over his shirt...} and we had a party. he helped pour in all of the ingredients, stirred the muffins, and put the liners in the muffin tins. it was just about the cutest thing ever.

by the time danny got home, the muffins were still being mixed up so he didn't get one, but we both got a kick out of seeing our little man all grown up. he is such a good helper...let's hope he helps out this much with his baby sister who will be joining our family in SIX short weeks!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

salon k

i have some great news!!

my little sister, alli, passed her state board so she is now an
official hair dresser.

not only that, but she landed herself a job at SALON K.

i am so proud of her! :)

to top it all off, she is offering free hair-cuts right now to
bring in cliental.

call up the salon at: 801.226.7985
and schedule your appt. with alli today.

you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

our little expert...

...toilet paper tower builder!

he is one determined little guy. i was putting all of the toilet paper away the other day, but he decided that he had better uses for it. i didn't help him at all in his toilet paper building adventures and he made some towers that were taller than himself! pretty impressive.

i think he would have stayed in the bathroom all day if i had let him...

p.s. have you been checking out the trading post??
i've got some awesome giveaway's lined up for the entire week.
be sure and see for yourself!