Thursday, July 31, 2014

backyard roast

The night before the 4th we had a grand ole party (since Tony had to leave the next afternoon, this was our last night all together). The boys started out with a friendly game of golf in the backyard, while the kids played, and the ladies prepared dinner. We did tin foil dinners & it was a success!! 

// I can't get enough of this babe!! //

// Ave was in heaven being surrounded by girls!! //

// Straight from above //

// Exhausted & hot, with no make-up on...but happy! //

// Grandma Shirlene surprised the kids with sticker books & they have loved them! //

// Five little monkeys! //

// Max couldn't find his shoes anywhere so he & my Grandma improvised by making him shoes out of paper cups. He became a total trend-setter when soon after, all of the cousins were sporting them. //

// Tin foil dinners are incomplete without smores!!! //

Nights like these just re-solidify why I think the 4th of July is the best holiday ever!!


The kids finished their first round of swimming lessons just in time to have a blast at aunt Bekah's aunt's pool. It was a beautiful day (not too hot & sunny) and I was so proud of Max & Ave for going off the diving board all by themselves!! 

// Action shot! //

cousin time = fun time

Max loves his cousins (each and every one of them!) but sadly, many of them live far away. His only cousins on the George side live in Oklahoma so he was incredibly excited when they came to stay for awhile. It worked out that Alli & Tony were here for a couple days too so we were ALL together. Pretty awesome. 

One of the nights we took dinner up Hobble Creek canyon and had a picnic. The weather was superb & the family soccer game was a definite high-light. (Good thing Max takes his "angry bird" aka Calle ball wherever he goes!)

By the end of the night, Graham was ready to be snuggled in his jammies and put to sleep but it sure is hard to get to bed on time when the weather & company is spectacular!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014