Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the darndest things // part four

Try to ignore how this post is a conglomeration of about 100 different things, and enjoy all the cute things our kids say & do :)

We sure love them a lot!!


"It's a stungle bee!"

(Max's first longboarding accident...)

Mom: "Max, what are you going to eat for breakfast? Your tummy will be hungry."
Max: "I don't want anything! I'm going to Lynelle's and she'll make me mac & cheese."

"Dad has an M on his head!" 
(Talking about Danny's hairline :)

Max and Avery are always watching out for each other. If one of them gets something (from preschool, dance, etc...) they make sure to get one for the other. One day at preschool Max got stickers and when he got home he was very distraught because: "Isaac's mom totally forgot to give Ave stickers!"

(Max loves to color and spent so much time coloring each of these paper dolls.)

The kids discovered that Danny had a pocketful of chewy sprees to take to church. They were eating a bunch of them before we left, and Danny said: "No more Ave. Those are our secret weapons for church." Max then responded with: "Dad, we have lots of weapons!" (Talking about all of the sprees he had in his pocket :)

(Helping me chop cauliflower for cauliflower soup)

While the two were drawing together in the car, Max looked over at Ave's paper and said, "Cute picture Ave!" 

One of our car air fresheners needed the plastic packaging fully pulled off and one day I finally did it (though Max didn't see me). The next time Max got in the car, he took one look at the rear view mirror and said, "Who took off the bag?" He is one observant little guy!

(Max has been working so hard on writing his name in preschool, and one day at Danny's work, he busted out Ave's as well!)

I spilled some water when I took the lid off the crock pot and Max said, "Mom look! What's that from?" I told him and he said, "The crocodile pot?"

"Mom! Yesterday we chased an airplane but we couldn't catch it because it flew all the way to South America!" (Where does he learn these things?! :)

(Above drawing: Max & Grandpa Frank riding on his new riding lawn mower :)

(Above drawing: A robot!)

(Above drawing: "lots and lots of guys playing football, baseball, soccer, etc..."


"Why cuz?"

Right after I colored my hair, the kids hadn't seen me before they went to sleep. That night, Ave snuck into our room and I heard her walk across our room over to my side of the bed. She took one look at me, walked over to Danny's side and said, "Dad, where's mom?"

"Psghetti and prentzels"

"I want my Cinder-Dora undies."

"Let's go on the ele-gator!"

"Stand ump!"


She is constantly talking on some sort of "phone" and almost always her conversations start like this: "Hi! I'm good...How are you?" (Repeated over and over again :)

(The water beads were a huge hit with this little chicka!)

"The big, bad wolf can't get in our house because it's made out of bricks!"




(Our little ballerina loves dance class with Miss. Lisa!)

And, the two of them together:

They both say "Yes sir may!" (Though I'm not sure where it originated...)

(Thankfully, the sick & tired first trimester has ended!! This is how Danny found us many times after coming home from work...)

(These two!!!)


What a wonderful life!