Friday, June 18, 2010

hiking the Y

though we've both done it separately, danny and i have never hiked the Y together, so we figured it was about time! we went a few weeks ago...but this post is better late than never, right??

we had a great time even though the hike KILLED me. i am a little out of shape...
at least my awesome husband didn't make me carry the pack with little max in it. i don't think i could have done it!
{plus, i had my share of carrying him around non-stop for nine months!}

{he was so pumped to be in the hiking pack!}

we ran into some of our seminary friends right before we started, so we hiked up to the top with tucker, katie, and their three kids. it was quite the adventure!!

seeing double

i don't have twins, but after watching little krugh for my friend keri while they moved into their new place, i felt like i had twins!! krugh is about three weeks older than max and is into EVERYTHING! he can crawl faster than i've ever seen and can pull himself up while holding onto almost anything {the dryer, the couch, the kitchen stools, etc...} it was a little crazy, especially since our house is far from being baby proof yet, but it was fun to see them play together. {at least when they weren't trying to steal each others toys, and poke each others eyes out...who knew it started so young???}

isn't the picture of them in their car seats hilarious?? that was the only way i could keep an eye on them both! plus they both LOVE food.

gotta love baby boys!

Friday, June 11, 2010

aaron + missy

wednesday, june ninth, danny's little brother got married to his sweetheart, missy.
it was a wonderful day and we feel so blessed to have such amazing people in our family!

the festivities began tuesday night, at the wedding dinner. danny's mom went ALL OUT and made all of the food for 100+ people. she is incredible! the dinner was delicious...and the desserts were to die for.

{this was the only picture we snapped all night. very flattering, isn't it??}

{me, max, and mom right before leaving}

the wedding itself took place in the salt lake temple. beautiful! they looked so happy. i love going to weddings to remind myself of our own wedding day and the special events that took place. after the ceremony, many many pictures were taken. see below. once pictures were through, we had a family luncheon over at the lion house. again, the food was delicious. i couldn't have eaten another bite even if i wanted to! the reception that night was in bountiful at the eldrige manor which was also beautiful and we had a great time. we are so proud of you two!

{aren't they cute?! check out aaron's sweet orange socks! that is true love right there.}

Monday, June 07, 2010

little sterling

my wonderful friend lindsey orton is doing an auction over on her blog for an AWESOME photography session. {she has got some serious talent!}

the auction is going on to raise some money for her sweet little brother, sterling. he has a genetic condition called VSFS. {to find out more about it, you can read her sweet blog here.}

it would mean to world to her, and her entire family, to support the research that is taking place.

check it out right here. right now.

Saturday, June 05, 2010


our little nino is already ocho months old.

that is crazy crazy crazy.

he is changing from a little baby into a BOY more and more every day. and even though it is a little sad to see him growing up so quickly, this stage of life is so much fun. he is one curious, excited, happy, crazy, fun, sweet eight month old.

there have been many times lately, that i have been stressed out and all it takes is one look at max to realize that i am one LUCKY girl. i mean, how could i not realize that??
{especially when he has squash smeared alllll over his face. that is becoming one of his specialties.}

as of late max has:

developed an intense love for gerber puffs
begun saying dadadadada
mastered {almost} the art of sitting up
become the steam-rolling machine
invented some pretty awesome crawling techniques
successfully continued to win over our hearts every single day.

we kinda like this kid.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

kanye west

wondering what kanye west + babies + giveaways all have in common??

go check it out over at belly mama's.

we've giving away something pretty sweet to two very lucky mama's.

today very well could be your lucky day!