Tuesday, October 19, 2010

red leaf, blue leaf

who knew that fall could be so incredibly, breathtakingly, beautiful???

i sure didn't. i think most of my life i have spent my fall/winter/springs waiting for summer to happen again. i'm trying to do better, and appreciate every season of the year, since summer only lasts for a few months.

tonight, we took family pictures up the canyon {which, by the way, is a short five minute drive from our home!!} and if our little snapshots are any indication of how the real pics turned out...i am going to be very pleased.

one of the guys that danny works with offered us our christmas present early--for his wife to take our family pictures!! score. she has a much nicer camera than we do so i can't wait to see how they turned out. the other seminary teacher and his family were there too, so while they were getting their pictures taken, we snapped a few of our own.
...until our battery died a few minutes later...boo.

it was pretty chilly near the end, and we had to cover up some chocolate spit-up from max, but other than that we had a fabulous time.

aren't those trees gorgeous?!
p.s. what do you think of my new do?? i chopped off quite a bit!

also, i know some of you {you know who you are! haha} are waiting for pictures and a re-cap of our trip to sunny arizona. they will be coming soon. very soon!
p.s. if you didn't know we went to az...we did! it was a much needed trip over fall break for all of us.


  1. love the haircut, jess. and great pics!

  2. you look SO pretty! I knew you would. Miss you

  3. way cute pictures!! we just took some ourselves!! and your hair is very cute!

  4. Wow. The colors are really gorgeous. And your hair cut is darling!! Great length on you!


  5. love love LOVE the bob. You look great with every hair do. No fair. I'm so excited to see your family pics! I bet they turned out awesome.

  6. I love love love the hair. I can't wait to see all the rest of the pics if yours turned out this great.

  7. Great hair cut! And you have such a cute little family!!

  8. I love it miss Jessie! What a cute family! And yes, Fall is gorgeous isn't it?? I love it, living next to a canyon is definitely a perk!