Monday, December 14, 2009

i never thought it would happen...

...but, GUS GUS has returned!!!

freaky? yes.
super speedy? yes.
impossible to catch? yes.
ugly? yes.
hairy? yes.

will he survive living in the mckinley residence? not on our watch.

{as you can see, danny is extremely mad and determined to catch the mouse...}

so apparently mice have a thing for us. two out of the three houses we've occupied have had these furry little critters. we haven't seen any for the {almost} six months that we've lived here but on thursday night gus gus decided to return. we were just getting back from a seminary christmas dinner and danny saw it scurry out of the hallway and under the couch. i didn't believe him at first {or at least i didn't want to} but i grabbed max {who was still sleeping away peacefully in his carseat} and set him on the table...along with myself. danny called clay {our trusty, awesome roomie} and he came down ready to help. for twenty+ minutes they searched high and low but somehow he evaded us and bee-lined for the laundry room...where we discovered a nice big hole. awesome. and the past few nights we've heard little clicking inside the walls. super awesome.

there is never a dull moment around here!


  1. I don't like this at all!!! We had a mouse that had babies in the house I nanny at. We caught three baby mice running about the basement. They were evil and cite all at the same time. I was horrified to go to the basement alone for a month!! GOOD LUCK getting rid of Gus-Gus.

  2. That picture is hilarious! When Clay went to help try and find Gus-gus, he didn't tell me where he was going because he didn't want me to know about the mouse in the house :) but I got it out of him! Hopefully Gus doesn't have a wife to make babies with!


    I can't imagine having a mouse in my apartment after that fish salt water ordeal!!! EW!!

  4. Oh no, we need to get Caleb over there stat to just scare the mouse to death :) Hope you guys are well!

  5. That's horrible! He must be following you guys from house to house :). Seriously call the exterminators, buy traps, or whatever you want and we'll cover it. Then we should probably fill in that hole so that he can't invite his friends over for a party. We definitely don't want him falling in love and starting a colony. So sorry!!!

  6. OMG... tis the season for mice i swear! we caught 5 in 3 days about a month ago. i think they are gone, i don't hear them anymore or see them.
    we bought sticky traps and put pb and cheese on them. first 3 died the first night, and then mom and dad died the next day.
    V I C T O R Y !!! i hate them!!