Tuesday, November 30, 2010

locks of love

you guys, we did it.

we chopped off our little man's hair.

unfortunately, he didn't have enough to donate to locks of love...
but either way, it has been quite the adjustment for all of us.

{ok, we admit it, his hair was a little out of control. i mean, check out that mullet!!}

during the haircut:

my little sister, alli, just recently graduated from hair school so we gave her the honors of giving max his first haircut. i don't think she has ever had such a wiggly client, but she did a great job.

post haircut:
{he kept making that cute little gesture when we asked him where his hair went}

we love his new look, even though we don't like how this cut makes him look so much older!
good thing hair grows, right??

p.s. we had quite the eventful thanksgiving holiday...and much to be thankful for.
check back soon for the latest!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

all that's missing is the horse

We should have named him Lane!
(shoutout to '8 seconds' and kyle and sammy; does anybody else know what i'm talking about?)
Here are some pics of our little cowboy. Enjoy

Monday, November 22, 2010


i was convinced that after this and this
we were permanently rid of the nasty creatures.

apparently i was wrong. again.

we were giving a tour of the house to our friends sam and penny and we decided to brave the basement and let them look around. bad idea. i spotted the thing first and just about had a heart attack. it was still ALIVE and was trying to get off of the glue trap.

it was disgusting!!

and i was just about over my fear of the basement...
{notice all of the other nasty spiders we've caught as well. reason #149 i'm creeped out by our basement!}

Thursday, November 11, 2010


...for baby number two!!

{isn't he/she so cute??? i am already in love}

i apologize that it has taken me forrrrevvveerrr to put up the details of this pregnancy. i have been frantically trying to finish up an independent study course before the 19th of this month and after writing {basically} a paper a day, i am practically done. hooray! just one more class to go before i am an official college GRAD. oh i can't wait.

anyways, can you believe that i am already 16+ weeks?!? i honestly can't. this pregnancy is flying by and i blame it all on maximillion who is running around at about one hundred miles/minute. i don't mind though--it's great having someone to distract me!

we found out we would be welcoming another little babe into our family on august 21. life was crazy. we were trying to close on our new home, throwing boxes together last minute, and saying our good-bye's to lovely provo. i wasn't feeling too yucky {thank goodness!} at this point...but a few weeks later the morning sickness really started to sink in.

it was hard. we were in a brand new place, i didn't know anyone, boxes were e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. and i had zero energy to take care of max. i think i just unpacked the last box last week...it has taken me that long. however, i shouldn't complain because my husband ROCKS. {along with his job.}

there were so many mornings when i just wanted to keep sleeping and all max wanted to do was play play play. so danny would come home during his prep time and run around with max while i tried to muster up a little more energy. there was even one morning when i about lost it...ok, i did lose it...and i called danny in tears. i felt so sick and i could tell a migraine was setting in. danny talked to his principal, and luckily they were just doing a little test that day in seminary--not much teaching required. danny got permission to bring max in for the day and it was a win-win on all sides. i got to rest and max got to hang out with dad at work.

oh, and remember our flu epidemic?? that came at a prime time...right in the middle of all of this! i didn't think i was capable of crying so much {i can blame it on the hormones, right??} but luckily danny is super understanding. he would work all day and then come home and do dishes, laundry, and basically make our entire dinner. i have no idea what i would do without him. he is amazing.

and now, sixteen weeks in, we are finally starting to get the hang of things. our house is starting to feel more like a home, most days max is on a pretty normal schedule, and i have successfully been cooking meals for a few weeks! the morning sickness has pretty much subsided--this pregnancy has actually been MUCH easier than with max {when comparing morning sickness.} i haven't thrown up nearly as much and it has been far less severe. and the times that i have thrown up, max is usually right by my side, rubbing my back. {he is such a sweetheart! luckily, he won't remember how grouchy his mom has been lately when he is older.} i think the biggest challenge with this pregnancy has been emotionally. we planned on this baby {i'm sure some of you have been wondering that...} but let's just say it all happened much faster than we had anticipated :) the timing could have been a little better, but oh well!

we can't wait for the end of april to come so we can cuddle our brand new baby! we have a feeling that max is going to make one fabulous big brother and even though life is going to be very hectic at times, we wouldn't have it any other way.

p.s. we find out december 6th what we are having!! any guesses??

p.p.s. didn't our family pictures turn out wonderfully? i love them.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

tracy aviary

on saturday we went with our good friends kim + clay + ellie to the tracy aviary.
it was a little smaller than danny remembered {that seems to happen when you grow up...} but we still had a great time. the babies especially were loving the birds, and each other! and to top it all off, the weather was perfect. thanks for the invite neighbors :) we love you guys!

.max + daddy. creepy bird with extreeeeemly long eyelashes.
.kim's kookaburra. with a MOUSE in its mouth. eeew.
.the little parrott show. pretty neat.
.our cute little family.
.kim and clay's cute little family.

and the little love"birds":
{how cute are they?!}

Monday, November 08, 2010

sneek peek

wanna sneek peek of my latest project??

it's going to go in max's room {the cutest room in the entire house}
and i am very pleased with how it is coming together.

finished pictures to come very soon!

Friday, November 05, 2010

halloween 2010

ever since we picked max's costume up at costco, i've been planning to be jessie + woody + rex from toy story. {i mean, how cute would that be?!} however, danny wasn't too keen on the idea. plus, he said that since we live in nephi, cowboys are everywhere. he didn't think woody would be very original.

i wanted all of us to match, so a few days before halloween i thought about being vikings from "how to train your dragon." danny liked the idea of being hiccup a lot more {i guess he's more manly?? haha} but i never found the time to make anything.

so, i kind of failed this halloween. a few minutes before our ward trunk-or-treat i threw on a black jacket and drew whiskers on my face. and danny went as himself :) next year i promise to do better! however, besides all the drama of not having costumes, we still had one very adorable little dragon/dinosaur.

friday was nephi city's first annual halloween town. it was a big deal.
{i can't help but always think of star's hallow when we are at city functions. gotta love our little town!}

all of the businesses on main street passed out candy/raffle tickets to the kids and at 5:30 they had a party at the city park. it was insane. there were so many kids running out, hyped up on sugar. but it was fun to stroll around main street--danny's parents came down to join in on the fun as well! they even brought some crazy wigs with them! danny was lovin' his new do.

and saturday was the trunk-or-treat. it was pouring rain outside, so they moved it inside...and it was crazy as well!! max wanted to be a big boy and walk everywhere on his own. and he didn't ever quite grasp the concept of choosing a piece of candy from the bucket. we held up the line a lot but it was fun to see all the other little kids dressed up in costume.

here is a video of our little dino running away from his daddy...with a dum-dum in his hand. notice how he walks with his hands straight up in the air? he does that ALL the time! funny boy :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's...


{isn't his stance so funny?? he totally did that on his own}

we had some fun today with the dishtowel. i was positive that max was going to rip it off the second i tied that "cape" around his neck...but apparently i was very wrong. he kept that on for a good hour {probably more!}

he is such a little boy.

speaking of being a little boy, he has already passed his thirteen-month mark. i'm pretty sure his life couldn't be going any faster! he continues to amaze us with the new skills that he is acquiring on a daily basis.

some of his favorite things include:

.walking like a madman.
.throwing everything he can get his hands on into the trash.
.shaking his head no.
.nodding his head yes.
.checking the mail and opening the mailbox.
.peeking out the window to look for dad.
{any kind: big, small, short, fat. you name it, he will love it.}
.drinking out of his sippy cup all by himself.
.blowing kisses.
.listening for the choo-choo train.
.oranges, apples, kiwis.
.bath time.
.playing ball with daddy in the living room.
.doing dishes.
{the second he hears the dishwasher open he is next to it in a flash!}
.getting bundled up to go for walks in the stroller.