Monday, November 22, 2010


i was convinced that after this and this
we were permanently rid of the nasty creatures.

apparently i was wrong. again.

we were giving a tour of the house to our friends sam and penny and we decided to brave the basement and let them look around. bad idea. i spotted the thing first and just about had a heart attack. it was still ALIVE and was trying to get off of the glue trap.

it was disgusting!!

and i was just about over my fear of the basement...
{notice all of the other nasty spiders we've caught as well. reason #149 i'm creeped out by our basement!}



    That is definitely one thing I do NOT want to encounter in my life!!!

  2. Oh dear. You guys have the most rotten luck ever. :(

  3. I added the answer to your question at the bottom of my post. It was a really good question because I was worried about the exact same thing!