Saturday, November 08, 2008

gus gus

the little mermaid and cinderella were my all-time favorite movies growing up.
gus gus was a personal favorite.


when we woke up to find a dead "gus gus" stuck to our super sticky, awesome spider trap. i've never seen a real mouse before and now i'm wondering what in the world disney was thinking when they made gus gus so cute.

danny was on his way to work when the dead mouse was discovered...
i was going to spend the morning at home, but quickly changed my mind and booked it up to campus. below are our beautiful faces after our encounter with that furry little guy.


  1. hahah your faces are hilarious! But that is really gross lol

  2. That's gross! Remind me to tell you the time when a pet hamster got caught in one of those... :(

  3. Ha Ha!! I'll never forget the day I was sitting with the kids at breakfast, Dennis was already gone, and I heard a loud SNAP! under the kitchen counter. Of course it was the mousetrap, and of course (since Dennis wasn't home), it was a messy one. I HATE mice!!

  4. Jess, remind me to never come visit your house. I can handle a lot of things but NOT mice. Ugggghhhh. Tom saw this with me and I thought he was going to die laughing!

  5. EW. GROSS. We had a dead mouse at our house too. But that one is way bigger. Haha I love your face in the photo that is so funny.

    BTW I love your halloween costumes! They are so cute!

  6. Hey! it was so good seeing you too! Things are going great, and how about you two? Where are you guys living? Rats are great arent they? jk