Saturday, November 08, 2008

halloween festivities

and i couldn't have been more excited about it this year, since i now have a husband to get all dressed up with. we shopped around, but nothing seemed to satisfy us. until they made the announcement in our ward, "if you need a halloween costume contact terry." we were losing hope (and time) so we called up this lady in our ward and HOLY COW i've never seen someone so into halloween. she has an entire basement dedicated to the holiday, and she has just about every costume you could possibly think of. she pulled out tons of things for us to try on, and we finally decided on cruella deville. i put on the whole costume, and she started screaming, while grabbing danny's arm and said, "you look exactly like glenn close!!!" i'm not sure if i agree with her on that one, but it was fun to dress up. danny was jasper, my dog snatcher, and we had a great time. we started out the evening by eating mom's famous "halloween soup" with the family, and then we took cami trick-or-treating (and got candy for ourselves!) after a good two solid hours of knocking on doors we headed over to our friend's kim and clay for a fun party.
yay for holidays. next up: turkey day!

the gang.

mariah was the cutest little giraffe you've ever seen.

the costumes.

eric, ford, and bri
(he was the sweetest nerd. ever! he even had a name tag.)


  1. That was so fun seeing you guys at the Halloween party. You guys are so cute and we love you! P.S. your costumes rocked!

  2. I have a few things to say...
    1. Holy cow Brian, Ford and Eric are regular sized people almost!
    2. I'm glad you used Spot the beanie baby with your costume.
    3. I'm embarrassed that I remember Spot's name...
    4. You are gorgeous even as a mean dog killer.
    5. I still need to call you... SORRY!

  3. You look nothing like Glenn Close, you are much prettier than she is. However, you did make an awesome Cruella!!! And your cute guys are awesome!!!

  4. haha!! Jess I love your costume! you guys look so awesome. also I agree with Britt that our younger siblings are getting way too big.