Thursday, September 16, 2010

mr. cheese ball

first of all, THANK YOU for the encouraging words over the last week.
we are now officially over the flu and life couldn't be better here in our home.
{ok...a few things could be better. like, our boxes could magically empty themselves and put their contents away...but that just isn't going to happen i'm afraid.}

max hasn't thrown up since saturday night so it's been almost a week. hallelujah.

and since then, he has discovered that he can make the cheesiest smile. ever.
it is pretty much the funniest thing {even though i'm afraid that he has forgotten how to smile normally...}

see for youself:
{don't you love how we never take any pictures outside of his high chair?? that is pretty much the only place we can get him to sit still for longer than two seconds!}

it's hard to get mad at that little face.

{even when he decides that he no longer likes his crib and will ONLY sleep in our bed for his naps. or when we are trying to wean him from nursing...and he will screaaaaam until he gets what he wants. even then, it's hard to be mad. but, i am open to suggestions!}


  1. i feel for ya and the "i know what i want, and i will get it" child. i have one too and he's so little. i fear for the day when he can talk and walk around lol. but if he's anything like max then i'm sure i'll just have to look at pictures and say "him? noo... he's an angel" =))

  2. Oh my goodness, he's ADORABLE!! Haha...these pictures make me laugh so hard. It definitely looks like he's feeling better. And I'm glad it seems like you guys are out of the flu epidemic. I never have any advice since I obviously haven't had children. You can stock up on all the advice for me :) You're awesome!

  3. Cutest boy ever. I wish I had a suggestion about weening him. I want to wean my girls and they aren't even two months old!!! Really though, you've got the cutest baby boy I think I've ever seen.

  4. Such a cute skinny baby! We miss you guys and hope everything is going well adjusting to Nephi. I keep telling Elliot to call Danny and catch up, but with the time difference and the varying schedules he hasn't gotten around to it :/ Hopefully soon! Love all the posts though :)



    Could his smile by ANY CUTER? I think not.

    But seriously, I'm worried for you. This guy is going to melt many a girl hearts. You are in for it missy.

  6. That is an awesome cheesy grin!! What a little goof!

    Just when you think they can't get any cuter, they do something that is so cute. And isn't it fun to watch his personality develop?!

    p.s. SO glad you're feeling better!!