Saturday, July 19, 2008

baby laney!

Elaine Johnson George was born on July 10, 2008.
she is absolutely ADORABLE.
i am so lucky to be one of her aunts.
danny and i have decided since mariah already has her favorite aunt cami...
we're going to try our hardest to win little laney's heart over.
we'll let you know how that goes!

but, i must admit, i have the cutest nieces in the world!

part two: fun up in SLC

so in case you thought that was the end of our "extrava-date"...boy were you wrong! let me fill you in on part TWO. we were SUPER dirty from hiking, so we drove up to danny's brothers apartment in SLC and quickly showered off and got ready to go to the joseph smith movie on temple square. by the time we got there we had just enough time to grab a bite to eat at the nauvoo cafe in the joseph smith memorial building. we met up with aaron, danny's younger brother, and then hurried to catch the five o'clock showing of the movie. what a WONDERFUL movie.

i am so very grateful for this amazing gospel that i get the chance to be a part of. it's so nice to be reminded of everything that was gone through to get this religion back on the earth today. joseph smith was a Prophet of God, and after watching that movie again, i was reminded of his incredible strength and faith in the Lord.

we love to see the temple
we thought we'd thank aaron for taking our pictures,
by giving him a kiss on the cheek...he didn't exactly love the idea.
aaron and i
danny wanted to make sure everyone was aware HE is older than aaron.

i had SUCH a great time up in SLC. to end our big day, we drove up to ogden, to support the BYU soccer boys as they played the Ogden Outlaws. danny got to sit with me--which made the game much more enjoyable! BYU won...go cougs!

i'm so grateful for my fiance, and all that he does to treat me like a daughter of god. this was a much needed date, especially since i got my tonsils out two days later. life is wonderful with my boy!

part one: adventures at silver lake

it's not everyday that danny and i get to spend the whole, entire day together...but last saturday danny planned an "extrava-date" and it was PERFECT! he picked me up at about 9:45 and we drove on up to american fork canyon, where he had planned to hike up to timp caves! i haven't been up there since i was about ten--and he's never been--so we were super excited to see all the stalactites and stalagmites! UNTIL...we got up to the ticket window...and the next tour wasn't for three whole hours!! We were kinda bummed, especially since we were all geared up for hiking, but then the lady gave us a map of the area, and told us about SILVER LAKE. on the map it didn't look like it would be too hard, just four miles round trip. it ended up being a LOT steeper, longer, and harder than we thought it would be but it was SO worth it! its been way too long since we've spent time out in the great outdoors! after climbing over tons of rocks, dodging lots of horse poop, and singing our hearts out, we made it to the top!! IT WAS GORGEOUS! and totally worth it.

ps. once we got to the top, there were a few other couples that had just jumped in the lake...and they talked us into it! it was FREEZING but so much fun!

just starting out...not winded at all...or sweaty
danny was on picture duty
this butterfly was following us everywhere!
stopping for some h20, while danny snapped a pic--being all artsy
danny and i--right before jumping into the ICE cold lake
soaking wet :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

horton hears a who

summer nights. outdoor movies. red vines and peachie-o's. good friends.
need i say more?

last night kierstin invited me to the outdoor showing of horton hears a who, at byu. it started at 9:30, and we got there right before it started so it was a little tricky finding a seat because there were tons of people there. (probably because it was also FREE!) i'd never seen this movie before, and after last night, i would highly recommend it! i was laughing the whole time.

thanks, kierstin, for the fun evening! i had a blast.

red rover, red rover

so the other day, alli's boy mark walked in with this teeny, tiny doggie! it looked so FAKE but her little tail kept wagging...she was SO cute! she weighs a grand total of 13 ounces! can you believe that? yeah, i thought i was going to crush her. oh she was adorable.

me with the little bebe rexy.

it was quite the treat to have a puppy at our house much that the neighbor girls joined us in the excitement.


alli and bri.

for the longest time danny and i have joked about getting a little puppy, and naming him rover.

after playing with rexy, it is no longer a joke.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

my all-time fav holiday

i don't quite know what it is about the fourth of july. but i LOVE it. the heat. the FOOD. (i could go off on the food alone. we have the best bbqs at my grandparents house every year.) the parade. the FIREWORKS. the feelings of patriotism. the hot air balloons. everything is so awesome. this year, especially, was EXTRA great because i got to spend most of it with my soon-to-be husband! i wouldn't have changed a single thing about the day.

my family and i went to see the hot air balloons on the third, where we met up with mike, bekah, and mariah. we ended up missing basically the whole thing, but it was still a blast. mariah entertained all of us, as usual. we did get to see a few of the balloons come back pretty close to the field--and it was a gorgeous morning--so it was definitely worth it.

on the fourth, we were all dressed very patriotically (that's another one of my favorite things) and headed off to the parade. we watched it in front of my aunt and uncle's old house--they have a prime parade watching spot--and we couldn't break tradition, because we've gone there ever since i can remember. mike, bekah, mariah, grandma, and gramps were all there waiting for us. we saw the jets fly over, watched all the floats, and had a grand old time.

jenny and i went for a scooter ride around three, and she treated me to a summer sno. (my favorite sno cone shak in the valley) after cruising around the town for a while, she dropped me off at my grandparents for our annual bbq. danny and his parents met us there--they were in town for the fourth of july soccer game--and we all had a great time.

that night, we headed to the soccer field for the big game: byu vs. ogden outlaws. there was a huge crowd, and it was a pretty good game, except for the fact that byu lost 2-1. the second the fireworks ended, everyone flooded the field to get their spot for the stadium of fire fireworks. we found a fabulous spot, and met up with the rest of the family. the fireworks were amazing--as always. i was only a little bit jealous of all the people who got to see miley cyrus. how fun would THAT have been??? all in all, it was a fantastic day.

god bless america.

first blog. ever.

ok. the pressure is ON. i have now created a blog to keep all of you updated! i'm really excited about it--hopefully i'll get the hang of all this "technological-blogger" stuff figured out soon. below is a slideshow of pictures from the last couple months of my life. some were taken while in north carolina, living with tom and greta, and the others are from good old provo. i'm so grateful for all of the people that bless my life continuously.

i am so lucky.