Thursday, July 10, 2008

my all-time fav holiday

i don't quite know what it is about the fourth of july. but i LOVE it. the heat. the FOOD. (i could go off on the food alone. we have the best bbqs at my grandparents house every year.) the parade. the FIREWORKS. the feelings of patriotism. the hot air balloons. everything is so awesome. this year, especially, was EXTRA great because i got to spend most of it with my soon-to-be husband! i wouldn't have changed a single thing about the day.

my family and i went to see the hot air balloons on the third, where we met up with mike, bekah, and mariah. we ended up missing basically the whole thing, but it was still a blast. mariah entertained all of us, as usual. we did get to see a few of the balloons come back pretty close to the field--and it was a gorgeous morning--so it was definitely worth it.

on the fourth, we were all dressed very patriotically (that's another one of my favorite things) and headed off to the parade. we watched it in front of my aunt and uncle's old house--they have a prime parade watching spot--and we couldn't break tradition, because we've gone there ever since i can remember. mike, bekah, mariah, grandma, and gramps were all there waiting for us. we saw the jets fly over, watched all the floats, and had a grand old time.

jenny and i went for a scooter ride around three, and she treated me to a summer sno. (my favorite sno cone shak in the valley) after cruising around the town for a while, she dropped me off at my grandparents for our annual bbq. danny and his parents met us there--they were in town for the fourth of july soccer game--and we all had a great time.

that night, we headed to the soccer field for the big game: byu vs. ogden outlaws. there was a huge crowd, and it was a pretty good game, except for the fact that byu lost 2-1. the second the fireworks ended, everyone flooded the field to get their spot for the stadium of fire fireworks. we found a fabulous spot, and met up with the rest of the family. the fireworks were amazing--as always. i was only a little bit jealous of all the people who got to see miley cyrus. how fun would THAT have been??? all in all, it was a fantastic day.

god bless america.

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