Thursday, August 07, 2008

jill beard gleue

so a few posts back i filled out an ABC of my life. for the letter "B" i listed a few of my best friends. my SINGLE best friends, that is. i failed to mention my awesome, amazing, sweet, MARRIED, best friend jill beard gleue. since i made such a horrible mistake, i'd like to list just a few things

i LOVE about jill.

1. she looooooooooooves peaches.
2. bonifa latifa halifa sherifa jackson is her friend.
3. whenever stuart misbehaves, she's sure to tell him what mama says.
4. she reads cookbooks at night.
5. she loves looking at the stars and the galaxy.
6. she is an AMAZING dancer and knows all sorts of cool tribal moves.
7. she's super tall. just like me.
8. she rocks out to regina specktor with me.
9. i can give her "the look" and she knows exactly what i'm thinking about.
10. she is SUCH a good example to me, and she's coming all the way from star valley, wyoming to attend my sealing in the manti temple.

i was SO so lucky to have jill as my very first college room mate. i probably would have run straight back to provo if it hadn't been for her.

she is most DEFINITELY one of my very best friends.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


not that it wasn't official before, but we now have our MARRIAGE LICENSE.

b.da.bomb turns the big two-zero

it's always a GREAT day when you have something to celebrate. a little over two weeks ago, my dear friend brittany was up from cedar city, spending a little quality time in provo. we don't get the see her very much, since she attends suu, so jenny and i decided to continue our tradition, and take her out for a birthday dinner.

the birthday girl chose to eat at the olive garden. soo tasty. this was my first outing out of the house since my tonsillectomy, so the food tasted extra delicious.

me and my girls.

the girls REALLY wanted danny to come along so they could get to know him better before the big day. he was such a sport for putting up with our crazy selves, but i was so glad that he came. the girls definitely approve. (how could they not?!) and britt even got a free dessert, that she shared with the three of us.


ps. this is a little late in coming...seeing as brittany's birthday was two weeks ago...but better late than never, right?! love you girl!

the osmonds

for the 24th of july the entire osmond family came into town and teamed up with the mormon tabernacle choir to celebrate the pioneers. kyle christensen, one of danny's best buddies, got four tickets to the sold-out show saturday night. we had been wanting to double with him before he left for colorado, so we were excited when he invited us to the concert. it was held in the conference center up in salt lake, so we got all dressed up and headed up to slc for the big show. now i knew that the osmonds were big news in the mormon community, but i didn't know they were THAT big. there were SO many people there...and they weren't just locals. we ran into danny's aunt, who lives in idaho!

we felt a bit like cattle crossing the street, but it was fun to be a part of the madness.

this nice lady in front of us in the line took a picture of us...she thought we were so cute because we were matching and we didn't even plan it!

i don't know what happened here with the camera setting, but it turned out pretty cool! the salt lake temple is gorgeous.

the four of us: danny, me, holly, and kyle.

the concert ended up being a blast! the mormon tabernacle choir didn't disappoint, and the osmonds sure know how to have a good time! it was a little different when disco lights came on in the conference center, but it was a really neat experience. we even got to see president eyring and his wife who were there for their date night!

garden love

i don't know about you, but fresh food from the garden is probably one of my all-time favorite things. my parents have a BEAUTIFUL garden where they grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, peas, squash, blackberries, and raspberries. nothing ever goes to waste because we all cherish that food like gold. this year, my parent's were kind enough to share their wealth with danny and i. we picked bowls and bowls of fresh raspberries (while of course eating a few...) and then we smashed them all up and made them into my mom's famous raspberry freezer jam. it was so much fun learning how to make it (and finding out how easy it was to do!) and we're so grateful because this jam is to die for!! thanks mom and dad for sharing with us. it will not go to waste!

the finished product! yummmm yum.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


A- Attached or Single? most definitely attached
B- Best Friend? brittany olsen, lindsey hobbs, jenny pate, meagan steele, and my danny boy
C- Cake or Pie? banana cream pie! love that stuff.
D- Day of choice? wednesdays are great for mid-week boosts, but i also LOVE sundays
E- Essential item? my cell phone + camera. pictures are priceless.
F- Favorite color? green, hands down. any shade i adore.
G- Gummy bears or worms? little worms. every year in elementary school for my birthday treats i would bring worms n' dirt since my birthday is the day after april fools!
H- Hometown? provo, utah
I- Favorite Indulgence? any type of dessert. i have the biggest sweet tooth in the world. kisses from danny definitely "take the cake" though
J- January or July? JULY! the fourth is my all-time favorite holiday. nothing beats parades, bbqs, the sunshine, and fireworks
K- Kids? in danny's words, "4-5, sometime in the near future"
L- Life isn't complete without? sleep and danny. not together least not yet...
M- Marriage date? August 23, 2008
N- Number of brothers and sisters? 2 brothers, 2 sisters+1 sister-in-law
O- Oranges or Apples? ohh thats a toughie. oranges are spectacular around christmas time, but an apple with a little bit of caramel dip is heavenly.
P- Phobia and fears? phobias: spiders, bees, and mosquitoes. fears: at the moment my biggest fear is not getting everything ready in time for the wedding!! it's coming up SO quick!
Q- Quote? see the top of my blog
R- Reasons to smile? DANNY. seeing little laney and her crazy black indian hair. my family. chocolate. laying out. eating the perfect piece of watermelon. going for a run. finding an apartment in provo where there are MILLIONS of married couples. the list goes on and on.
S- Season of choice? summer.
T- Tag 3 people: brittany olsen, michelle aravena, kate lowe
U- Unknown fact about me: most people probably know this already, because i LOVE to tell everyone i meet, but i am one-sixteenth lebanese. not many people can say that!
V- Vegetable? fresh tomatoes from the garden. yummmmmm.
W- Worst Habit? procrastinating.
X - Ray or Ultrasound? i've never had either!
Y- Your favorite food? i love ALL food. i am not picky at all.
Z- Zodiac sign? Aries