Wednesday, August 06, 2008

the osmonds

for the 24th of july the entire osmond family came into town and teamed up with the mormon tabernacle choir to celebrate the pioneers. kyle christensen, one of danny's best buddies, got four tickets to the sold-out show saturday night. we had been wanting to double with him before he left for colorado, so we were excited when he invited us to the concert. it was held in the conference center up in salt lake, so we got all dressed up and headed up to slc for the big show. now i knew that the osmonds were big news in the mormon community, but i didn't know they were THAT big. there were SO many people there...and they weren't just locals. we ran into danny's aunt, who lives in idaho!

we felt a bit like cattle crossing the street, but it was fun to be a part of the madness.

this nice lady in front of us in the line took a picture of us...she thought we were so cute because we were matching and we didn't even plan it!

i don't know what happened here with the camera setting, but it turned out pretty cool! the salt lake temple is gorgeous.

the four of us: danny, me, holly, and kyle.

the concert ended up being a blast! the mormon tabernacle choir didn't disappoint, and the osmonds sure know how to have a good time! it was a little different when disco lights came on in the conference center, but it was a really neat experience. we even got to see president eyring and his wife who were there for their date night!

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