Wednesday, August 06, 2008

b.da.bomb turns the big two-zero

it's always a GREAT day when you have something to celebrate. a little over two weeks ago, my dear friend brittany was up from cedar city, spending a little quality time in provo. we don't get the see her very much, since she attends suu, so jenny and i decided to continue our tradition, and take her out for a birthday dinner.

the birthday girl chose to eat at the olive garden. soo tasty. this was my first outing out of the house since my tonsillectomy, so the food tasted extra delicious.

me and my girls.

the girls REALLY wanted danny to come along so they could get to know him better before the big day. he was such a sport for putting up with our crazy selves, but i was so glad that he came. the girls definitely approve. (how could they not?!) and britt even got a free dessert, that she shared with the three of us.


ps. this is a little late in coming...seeing as brittany's birthday was two weeks ago...but better late than never, right?! love you girl!

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