Friday, June 29, 2012

silly boy

most day's max still naps but on this particular day he was fighting it with all he had.  he wanted to sleep on his big boy bed...and then he had to sleep in avery's crib...and then he insisted on sleeping on the floor!  i really didn't think he would actually fall asleep on the floor since he's never done that in his life but a few minutes later when i went to check on him i found him like this:

danny and i had a good laugh about this and i couldn't help but think of my dad who falls asleep like this all the time :)  


and this is totally unrelated but it was one of those silly little conversations that i don't want to forget:

mom: max, what would you like for breakfast?
max: eggs... (long pause)
i wish! :)

he is a funny one!  it did however get me thinking...i'm not a morning person at all and usually after rolling out of bed all i feel like doing is pouring a bowl of cereal.  that has definitely become a norm for me as a mom and it's so much easier!  but when max said that to me i realized that he actually notices what i make (or don't make!) for breakfast so i'm trying to do better!

any yummy & easy breakfast ideas for me???

ps. for the record, max did get eggs for breakfast that day! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012


one week ago danny and i packed up and drove 3.5 hours to moab for a quick quick trip.  every year we get to meet up with all of the other seminary teachers in our area, have meetings, and be spiritually fed.  this year it just so happened our meeting was in moab.  score.  we arrived a little late since we had to wait for danny's byu class to get over but we made it in time for the talent show + dinner.  then we changed into our hiking gear and hiked to delicate arch with a few of our friends from the area.  

it was sooo incredibly hot and we didn't take nearly enough water but we had a great time.  it is beautiful there!!  the blue sky + red rocks make a fabulous combination.  

we stayed in moab a total of 24 hours but it was 24 hours well spent :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the last full day.

by the end of the week i was exhausted!  we crammed a lot of things into our little trip (as i'm sure you've noticed) but we weren't about to sit around on our last day in san francisco.  we packed up our belongings, said goodbye to the sweet hardisty family and met up with dave + sarah and emily (and henry!) at a little italian restaurant in north beach.  it was all very fancy with tablecloths, real flowers on the tables, waiters dressed up in tux's, and i really enjoyed my fresh trout that had just been caught.

from lunch we drove down lombard street--the crookedest street in the world!  fun little tourist attraction :)  it was actually really beautiful and compared to the other roads that are so steep you feel like you're going to roll down this was a nice change.  plus it was such a nice day--we really lucked out on the weather (or so i've been told).

we made our way to ghirardelli square next.  it was a little hyped up for me since i've heard so much about it but it was still fun to walk around and get a free sample of yummy chocolate.  emily introduced us to kara's cupcakes--my hummingbird cupcake was delicious, danny's chocolate peanut butter was ok.

we had a little bit of time before the giants game so we drove down to golden gate park.  i really wish we could have spent some time exploring since i've heard such great things about it but we drove down to the coast, walked to the windmill (which was a little disappointing) and then hurried back to the car because it was sooooo windy.  we had the car door open for two seconds and when we closed it, there was sand all over.  we enjoyed the park from a distance and then headed back to at&t park.  this is my second mlb game and we had a good time.  the giants didn't score so the game could have been a little more exciting...but it was still fun to be in the park with all of the crazy fans.

after the game we spent a little time back at emily + elliot's place (since elliot had box seats and didn't sit by us during the game) and enjoyed some donuts before taking off for the night.  we stayed in a sketchy  sketchy hotel (i slept through it but apparently there was a lot of scary drama at four in the morning next door!) and woke up early to make our 7:45 am flight back to our kids!!!!  we had such a great time but there is something so great about joining back up as a family.  we sure missed those kids of ours.  they were good at grandma + grandpa's...even though we had to deal with the post-spoiled aftermath the entire next week :)

thank you to all who made this trip possible!  and thanks to our good friends (you know who you are) who made this trip so incredibly awesome and special.

and that wraps up our trip!  if you missed any installments, you can check them out here :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

the great outdoors.

since braden's family so graciously hosted us all in santa rosa, we decided to spend the day in their neck of the woods.  we started out the day up in the mountains and rented some kayak's in a little hippie town.  the water was a little shallow in some places, but that didn't stop us from having a fabulous time. it was a beautiful day and somehow lauren and i managed to stay dry the whole time...unlike the boys :)

from there we drove up the road to the redwood forest!!  we were all so excited about this.  i was a little worried when we pulled into the parking lot and the trees weren't extremely tall but after a short walk down the trail we entered one of the most beautiful forests i have ever been in.  the trees were so tall and gigantic and it was very quiet and peaceful walking through.  except of course, for our little group of very mature men :)  it really was such a neat experience.  a place i would recommend everyone go at least once in their life!

it's crazy how quickly the scenery can change!  we went from a sunny forest to a foggy ocean in just thirty minutes.  the pictures don't do it justice but the coast was breathtaking!  i felt like i was in hawaii...except it was foggy and cold.  so so cold.  we stopped to get fire wood from a little hippie village (slightly creepy...) and were hoping to have a bon fire on the beach but every spot we passed had a no fires sign.  the weather didn't stop the boys from playing in the water + being crazy but it took lauren and i a little bit longer to warm up to the idea of spending more than five minutes on the beach.  after a run down the coast we were much warmer and had a great chat.  we feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends!!  we love you guys.  we ended our beach outing with a photo shoot.  not trying to brag, but i got some sa-weet pictures :)  we had a good time.  

after warming up in the car we ate at a yummy mexican restaurant in santa rosa and then i'm pretty sure we all passed out the second we got home.  jam packed days make for very tired people.