Monday, June 11, 2012

san francisco: day uno

danny and i have wanted to go to san francisco together for a long time.  we have almost made the trip happen multiple times, but it's never gone through until now.  and everything about the trip was perfect.  the kids stayed at danny's parents (and they've reported that they were angels...hopefully that's true!) and we were able to stay at our friend braden's house in santa rosa!  score for not having to pay for a hotel.  our friends emily + elliot live out there right now for a summer internship, and we were able to meet up with two more of our couple friends: caleb + lauren & dave + sarah throughout the course of the trip.  it was quite miraculous to say the least.  danny drove out with braden and caleb + lauren on sunday and i met up with them monday evening (after my flight was delayed for four bueno!)

i have hundreds of pictures (as i always do when we go on vacation) so i've gotta break this trip up into daily posts.  enjoy!

since braden is from the area, he took danny and i on a tour of the city.  we stopped at coit tower and enjoyed the view (monday was the cloudiest of the entire trip!  we felt very lucky to be there when the weather was so great.)

we then ventured to fisherman's wharf and visited an amazing candy store where everything was extremely large.

a boat had just come in the the dock and they were gutting the fish right then and there.  it was pretty neat to watch them do their thing.

we walked over to the bay where you can catch a glimpse of alcatraz.  i couldn't believe how close it seemed to land.  i've always imagined it being way out there.  i suppose it would still be really hard to swim to shore...

and we also checked out a little penny arcade.  i was pretty freaked out by the whole thing...but i did find these mirrors entertaining :)

a tribute to our guide braden who is a lefty :)

and of course we had to stop and see the sea lions.

that night we met up with emily + elliot and their cute chubby baby henry and ate at tacolicious.  it was delicious and we had a great time.

and the view of the bridge at night is absolutely amazing.

day one did not disappoint and for day two, danny and i braved the city by ourselves :)  it was quite the adventure.  stay tuned.


  1. You two are adorable. And that Tootsie Pop? That looks like HEAVEN. Imagine how awesome the Tootie Roll would be inside!

  2. Also, speaking of tootsie roll pops... Remember our science experiments in middle school (wasn't it 7th grade?) Didn't we see how many licks it took to get to the center of those things? Or was that just me? I swear I can picture it happening in your basement though...

    Anyway, there's your super random comment/memory of the night! :)

    1. You have the most amazing memory!! I'm pretty sure you did that with me :) Those were the days huh??

  3. Great photos! Can't wait to hear the rest. It was so great seeing you guys I'm glad you could come out!