Tuesday, July 13, 2010

three + four + five

i realize that it is now the thirteenth and i still haven't finished posting about our fourth of july festivities! so i'm going to knock it all out in one gigantic post. enjoy!

saturday we relaxed, and headed over to the freedom festival. it was hotttt but we still had a good time. max got his first balloon and as you can see by the pictures, he was basically in heaven. we had to pry his fingers away from the string when it was time to get in the car because he had fallen asleep holding on to it.

we brought bri and cami along for the ride as well...bri was a good sport to let me take this picture:

that evening after max had his nap we got ready for the stadium of fire! we thought about buying tickets but they were a little pricey by the time we got around to it, so we just set up camp right outside the stadium and it was perfect. we played games, ate treats, and relaxed on our blankets. we could hear perfectly. wasn't carrie underwood great? i'm beginning to think that sitting outside is the best way to go. the fireworks were a.ma.zing from our view and max loved them!

{do you see what he is holding?? a set of hands. i told you he was obsessed!}

the actual FOURTH was a wonderful day. we got to meet our newest niece for the first time ever. little sally is such a cute/chubby/sweet baby and she may or may not have made me a little baby hungry! how can you not be when you are around such beautiful babies??

we had a delicious dinner at my parent's house and the only person missing was alli! it was great. after dinner, laney and i had a photo shoot out by the grapes. she is the cutest little two year old. every time i got the camera ready she would say cheeeeeeeese. it was adorable.

and last but not least, monday morning bright and early i pulled my two boys out of bed and we headed over to see the hot air balloons. it was a blast. we got there before any of the balloons had taken off, and half of them were still filling up. the coke bottle balloon was incredible, but apparently it was a little too incredible because it didn't ever make it off the ground.

after balloons, we joined the rest of provo city and went to magelby's fresh for breakfast. even though we had to wait foreverrr the food was delish as always and we still made it in time to walk to the parade. we went down to our usual spot with kim and clay and had a grand old time. the babies were being especially cute so we snapped a few pics. i couldn't decide which ones not to put up...so i am posting them all! {max has a serious crush on ellie!}

when the parade was over we went home, caught up on some zzzzzz's and then went to the scera to watch toy story 3. what a cute movie! we loved it. we just don't recommend going to see it with a crazy 9-month old baby.

and at the end of the day we had our annual bbq at my grandparents house. yummmm yum.

nothing beats the fourth of july.


  1. Don't you just love the 4th of July!? It looks even more fun with a baby. Love his 4th of July outfits. Very festive!

  2. Max looks like he wants to eat Ellie in that last picture! SO cute!! What a fun weekend!

  3. Max is the CUTEST thing ever. He's getting so big and has so much personality! Also, that coke balloon was the coolest balloon of all time. One more thing...Mike had another baby? I don't think I knew that. I'm so behind in the lives of the George's!

  4. Okay, I just have to say, that little girl with the pig tails is totallllly Brinley hahaha I can see Brinley's hair looking exactly like that. SO CUTE!

    Glad you had a fun 4th! It was kind of awkward being on Sunday, but it looks like you guys had fun regardless!!! We were bums!

  5. holy freaken cow that sounded awesome, and i remember that little girl, she is so cute!! glad you guys had fun and max is a looker!!:)

  6. Those balloon pictures are darling!!! So fun!

  7. Hey Jessie!

    I just realized I posted this comment on my own blong instead of yours! haha I am so glad you found my blog! And I am so excited to read yours! Your family is so cute! I can't wait to see your cute little boy again on Tuesday! :)

  8. hey, jess. thanks for documenting my childrens' lives for me . . . . can i have copies of those pics?