Thursday, June 11, 2009

{guess what?}

we are moving.


crazy, i know. but i'm so SO excited! our friends {kim & clay} basement just opened up, and we're getting an awesome deal on it. so come july first we will officially be out of this place. i'm definitely going to miss the gargantuan sinks...but saving a couple hundred on rent is a little more important to me.

if any of you get bored during the next few weeks, let us know. i bet we could find you a job.

Monday, June 08, 2009

{summer reading}

i don't know about you, but finding a good book to read is one of the best things ever. i've mentioned this amazing book list, and a few of you have really wanted me to post it on my blog. i wish i had time to list ALL of the books...but that would take me forever. so here's a list of kristin pierce's personal favorites {she's the lady that taught the class i went to}. the title is first, {author is in the brackets}, *and if i have any input, it's between these*

wintergirls {anderson, l} *author of speak*
peeled {bauer, j}
pride and prescience {bebris, c} *pride and prejudice fans*
click {written by 10 different authors}
the boy in the striped pajamas {boyne, j}
beastly {flinn, a}
much ado about anne {frederick, h}
the luxe {godberson, a} *highly recommend this series*
found {haddix, m} *author of the shadow children series*
a thousand splendid suns {hosseini, k} *author of the kite runner*
all we know of heaven {mithard, j}
jeremy fink and the meaning of life {mass, w}
i'll ask you three times, are you ok? {nye, n}
the dead and the gone {pfeeffer, s}
life as we knew it {pfeeffer, s}
unwind {shusterman, n}
i am scout {shields, c}
uglies {westerfield, s}

in the book she gave us {of all her favorite books} she splits the rest of the books into categories. i'll list them and if any of you want specific titles from those categories just let me know! happy reading. {ps. if you read any of these and LOVE them, let me know! i've read a lot of them, but i'd love to hear what you think about them as well!}

middle school reads
the wonders of other worlds
all about history
relationship reads
comfort reads
books for girls
books for boys
marvelous mysteries
picture books

{snow canyon}

last thursday danny and i decided to leave town for a little weekend get-away. mike and bekah are moving to oklahoma next week, so we joined them for a camping trip down in snow canyon. we pulled up to the campsite around six-thirty thursday night and met up with mike, bekah, and the girls. they already had their tent set up, and their tin foil dinners cooking, so while danny put our tent up, i got the dinners ready. we ate a little later and then made some peach cobbler in the dutch oven. so SO yummy. while that was cooking we went on a hike, which was beautiful! i love the red rocks down in st. george. we hiked up to this little overlook and enjoyed the gorgeous view.

after hiking we headed back to camp to eat cobbler, relax, and play frisbee/catch. there were so many little bats flying around and when we told mariah what those little "birds" were she said, "bats are extinct." she's so cute. she sat with me for a good ten minutes while we tried to spot all the bats in the sky.

getting ready for bed is always awesome while camping, but to make it even more awesome we decided to use our headlamps. yeah. it was awesome. danny even killed a black widow right outside the men's bathroom. he's so brave. i was a little worried that a critter would find its way inside our tent...but luckily that didn't happen.

friday morning we woke up and bekah made a delicious breakfast casserole in the dutch oven. after breakfast danny and laney put on quite the show for me. words wouldn't do it justice so i thought i'd let you watch the video yourself. my husband is hilarious, and laney is the cutest chubby baby. {i couldn't figure out how to turn the it's staying this way...sorry!}

mariah LOVES animals, and there were so many little critters around our campsite. danny and mariah chased many jack rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and blue birds around. mariah was loving it, and so was danny. mariah found some pretty {wild} flowers, that she decided to pick for bekah. she's one funny girl.

we packed up camp and then headed to the sand dunes. gotta love those. besides the fact that it was super windy...we had a great time! {i thought i'd throw in a little picture of the baby bump. it gets bigger every day!}

at lunch, laney was getting a little impatient with us because we were taking too long to cut up pieces of cantaloupe for was hilarious!

on our way out of snow canyon we hit up some slot canyons. it was a nice easy hike, and i'm always amazed at slot canyons and how narrow and beautiful they are.

thanks mike, bekah, mariah, and laney for inviting us to snow canyon! we had a BLAST and are definitely going to miss you guys when you leave.
{ps. sorry about the excess of pictures...we had a little bit of fun with the camera this trip!}

{raindrop gifts}

i got an email today about this new little boutique opening up...and they have got some cute stuff! this week they are doing a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate.
you might as well enter, what have you got to lose??

simply click here and enter to win!

every "drop" of profit is lent at 0% interest to an entrepreneur in a 3rd world country. so it's a pretty neat idea. help them change the world one drop at a time.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

{the past few days...}

i have a little bit of catching up to do on this blog of ours...surprise, surprise!
better late than never, right?

saturday, may 23, danny had a soccer game here at BYU where they defeated the hollywood hitmen 1-0. it was a pretty dirty game--apparently the hitmen don't like to lose. but it was way fun and even more fun was being able to watch my amazing husband tearin' it up on the soccer field. brittany came during the second half to cheer them on, so it was a great sitting with her and danny's parents.

sunday, may 24, after we got back from my parents for sunday dinner, we decided to finish up this puzzle that we've been working on. yeah...we love puzzles. danny's grandpa let us borrow this one (since he's big into puzzles too) and every single piece was shaped so uniquely--giving us quite the challenge. but we did it and had a blast.

monday, may 25, was memorial day! yay for NO classes. i started it out by going to cemetery with my mom, cami, and my grandparents. (my mom and i got extra credit in floral design for going, so that was a nice added bonus). we made boutonneires so we took them with us and gave them to some of the veteran's who were enjoying the band play.

later that afternoon, we headed to seven peaks for the first time this summer! gotta love those season passes. brittany came with us, along with danny's brother matt, and our friends emily and elliot. it was a little over-cast but danny and i both got FRIED. guess thats what we get for thinking we didn't need any sunscreen. {oops}

danny and matt talked britt into going on freefall! i couldn't believe it. how many years have i tried to get her to go on that slide with me?? too many. haha. and of course, the year i can't go...she decides to go and be all brave. no, i'm kidding. i was super proud of her...and what's even better is that she loved it!thursday, may 28, was danny's last day student teaching at diamond fork junior high. we can't believe how fast the semester went by! he had so many wonderful experiences and the kids absolutely adore him. i decided to ditch stats lab {wasn't that hard of a decision} and go with him...i am so glad i got to go! his sixth period class is angelic {danny always says they are all going straight to heaven} and the class president bore a very sweet testimony. some of the kids prepared musical numbers--they varied from piano arrangements to singing "i know that my redeemer lives" in tongan--with was so cool. little did i know, danny had prepared a little musical number of his own...and invited me to be the guest singer! we sang "if the savior stood beside me" {one of my favorite songs}. what an awesome experience this has been. we can't wait to see what timpview will bring!

{sixth period}

{seventh period}

{the diamond fork crew}

friday, may 29, danny left early in the morning for california with the soccer team. since it was the last day of school for the cami, i decided to go support her in her end-of-year dance festival. she did great sporting her home-made surf board and rockin out to "surfin usa." mariah came with my parents and in between the dances we played on the swings. i love her.

so there you go. still to come: the latest pictures of the baby bump. get excited!