Monday, June 08, 2009

{summer reading}

i don't know about you, but finding a good book to read is one of the best things ever. i've mentioned this amazing book list, and a few of you have really wanted me to post it on my blog. i wish i had time to list ALL of the books...but that would take me forever. so here's a list of kristin pierce's personal favorites {she's the lady that taught the class i went to}. the title is first, {author is in the brackets}, *and if i have any input, it's between these*

wintergirls {anderson, l} *author of speak*
peeled {bauer, j}
pride and prescience {bebris, c} *pride and prejudice fans*
click {written by 10 different authors}
the boy in the striped pajamas {boyne, j}
beastly {flinn, a}
much ado about anne {frederick, h}
the luxe {godberson, a} *highly recommend this series*
found {haddix, m} *author of the shadow children series*
a thousand splendid suns {hosseini, k} *author of the kite runner*
all we know of heaven {mithard, j}
jeremy fink and the meaning of life {mass, w}
i'll ask you three times, are you ok? {nye, n}
the dead and the gone {pfeeffer, s}
life as we knew it {pfeeffer, s}
unwind {shusterman, n}
i am scout {shields, c}
uglies {westerfield, s}

in the book she gave us {of all her favorite books} she splits the rest of the books into categories. i'll list them and if any of you want specific titles from those categories just let me know! happy reading. {ps. if you read any of these and LOVE them, let me know! i've read a lot of them, but i'd love to hear what you think about them as well!}

middle school reads
the wonders of other worlds
all about history
relationship reads
comfort reads
books for girls
books for boys
marvelous mysteries
picture books


  1. Oh FYI my cousin is in the MTC and he's going to Indonesia and apparently one of his teachers plays on the BYU soccer team. I'm assuming Danny knows him :-) The Teachers name is Bro. Bindrup.

    OH and Ryan and I are coming down to SLC on Saturday for a wedding. We would LOVE to see you. We aren't planning on staying over night because we need to be back on Sunday for church...but is there any chance of seeing you guys Saturday from like 2-6? Either meet us in SLC or we can meet you guys half way....? Let me know! Can't wait!

  2. Awesome list. I've read some of them, and most of the others have been on my list for a while. So, I was on facebook just now, and Kelsey commented on Brian's stop motion movies he's done. I took a peek and...they're great! What a talented little brother you have. I'm sure you knew that though. :)

  3. Hey Jessie! I saw you on campus yesterday down by the testing center. I was driving and you were walking (and reading!) so I didn't say hi, but I saw you and you were so cute! Love you!!

  4. The Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld is amazing. I absolutely loved it!