Monday, June 08, 2009

{snow canyon}

last thursday danny and i decided to leave town for a little weekend get-away. mike and bekah are moving to oklahoma next week, so we joined them for a camping trip down in snow canyon. we pulled up to the campsite around six-thirty thursday night and met up with mike, bekah, and the girls. they already had their tent set up, and their tin foil dinners cooking, so while danny put our tent up, i got the dinners ready. we ate a little later and then made some peach cobbler in the dutch oven. so SO yummy. while that was cooking we went on a hike, which was beautiful! i love the red rocks down in st. george. we hiked up to this little overlook and enjoyed the gorgeous view.

after hiking we headed back to camp to eat cobbler, relax, and play frisbee/catch. there were so many little bats flying around and when we told mariah what those little "birds" were she said, "bats are extinct." she's so cute. she sat with me for a good ten minutes while we tried to spot all the bats in the sky.

getting ready for bed is always awesome while camping, but to make it even more awesome we decided to use our headlamps. yeah. it was awesome. danny even killed a black widow right outside the men's bathroom. he's so brave. i was a little worried that a critter would find its way inside our tent...but luckily that didn't happen.

friday morning we woke up and bekah made a delicious breakfast casserole in the dutch oven. after breakfast danny and laney put on quite the show for me. words wouldn't do it justice so i thought i'd let you watch the video yourself. my husband is hilarious, and laney is the cutest chubby baby. {i couldn't figure out how to turn the it's staying this way...sorry!}

mariah LOVES animals, and there were so many little critters around our campsite. danny and mariah chased many jack rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and blue birds around. mariah was loving it, and so was danny. mariah found some pretty {wild} flowers, that she decided to pick for bekah. she's one funny girl.

we packed up camp and then headed to the sand dunes. gotta love those. besides the fact that it was super windy...we had a great time! {i thought i'd throw in a little picture of the baby bump. it gets bigger every day!}

at lunch, laney was getting a little impatient with us because we were taking too long to cut up pieces of cantaloupe for was hilarious!

on our way out of snow canyon we hit up some slot canyons. it was a nice easy hike, and i'm always amazed at slot canyons and how narrow and beautiful they are.

thanks mike, bekah, mariah, and laney for inviting us to snow canyon! we had a BLAST and are definitely going to miss you guys when you leave.
{ps. sorry about the excess of pictures...we had a little bit of fun with the camera this trip!}


  1. I love these pics!!!

    PS I can't believe your belly. Well actually, I can. hahaha I am sorta popping. My boobs are still bigger than the belly. hahaha But you are so adorable! and did your belly button pop out already??? Can't believe it!

    You and danny are going to be such great parents!

  2. Oh my gosh!!!!!! I almost started to cry when I saw your little belly button pop out. You are the most BEAUTIFUL woman ever, let alone most beautiful pregnant woman. Holy cow Jess, you guys are adorable! I'm sooo happy for you!

  3. Oh, and Mike and Bekah's little family is also adorable. You George's don't even have 1% of ugliness in you.

  4. You look so fantastic! And what a great place to camp at. Gorgeous!!

  5. dude, way to be a walking billboard for the Petzl headlamps. Everybody needs a headlamp! Seriously, who uses flashlights anymore?

  6. That is one cute little belly!! Looks like you guys had fun! Love the picture of you walking with you and the little girl're gonna be such a good mom!