Tuesday, January 15, 2013


we are halfway through january (whattt?) and i've posted once. i think this blog is suffering from extreme neglect. ahhh well.

we've been surviving this negative degree weather, just barely. the past two days i've bundled up the kids and we've walked up the block (and back). by the time we get home our noses are frozen and it's mutually agreed upon that we won't be venturing out anymore during the day. i think we're all getting cabin fever.

speaking of fevers, we've been getting sick alot lately and we are 99% positive that we've got mold growing in every corner of our main bathroom (disgusting, i know!) yesterday i spent a good chunk of the day calling contractors to get bids on our bathroom. it's not exactly what we had in mind (we love to DIY) but we're danny is still slowly plugging along on the basement (i'm not much help) and the idea of adding yet another remodel to the list is pretty daunting. so that's exciting right?!? most people say they could get the job done in a WEEK!! (forgot what our scary bathroom looks like? let me refresh your memory...)

i had a little side job during the month of december doing freelance work for a new website that was just launched called familyshare.com. i earned a nice little paycheck for the articles that i wrote (you can check them out here, if you'd like) so i've been dreaming about updating the living room. i finally ordered some pillow fabric...and i think i'm in love ;) i've been dying to get some pops of color in this house of ours and this may do the trick! (asking for directions pillow // urban lamp (it's on sale!) // pink fabric from spoonflower) sooo, do you like??

danny and i both spoke in church on sunday...it went very well (better than expected!) but i'm very happy to have that behind me :) i spoke on pres. uchtdorf's talk from last conference and i'm trying really hard to apply it in my life. some moments are definitely better than others :)

and lastly, if you don't have instagram (this is for the grandparents :) here are the latest:

//max changed avery's diaper! we helped very little...it was awesome!//

//craft time with ave & buzz lightyear//
(thank you grandma debbie & grandpa frank!)

//bundled up...for outside & in!//

//so big!! (both ave & our icicles!)//


//date night at lisa's//

//our picky little eater//

//monkeys jumping on the bed//

//this girlie loves her daddy!//

//homemade vegan "twix" bars...delish//
recipe found here for those who asked :)

//getting ready to be a big girl!!!//

//little diva//

last but not least, max has now officially graduated from nursery!!!! he loves primary. on the first sunday of the year, max & danny dressed alike. they were so handsome! love my boys. max was a little un-cooperative for the picture though :)

happy january friends!

Monday, January 07, 2013

merry christmas & happy new year...one week late!

i've been avoiding this re-cap post because every single picture i took on christmas eve & christmas morning vanished from my camera. i have absolutely no idea what happened. i really don't like to think about it. nevertheless, we had a mostly magical christmas (besides having random bouts of sickness throughout the break) and our two little munchkins made it a million times more fun. because i was mad at my camera all break, we gave our new iPod touch plenty of love (follow my on instagram @jessmckinley)

//christmas day in the car//like father, like son//

//storytime was abundant//love these kiddos surrounding me//

//me & my little goose & her zulie (with nail polish on her cheek!)//

//spark date with the besties!!!!//it was fabulous (minus the part about me getting food poisoning and/or the 24-flu...it was brutal!!)//

//love little laney//

//cousin bonding time with the wii//

//my christmas present & christmas break read//loved it!//

//monopoly deal & ticket to ride with danny's family//we.love.games//

//a failed attempt to fill max's three cavities//maybe next time...//

//sledding with cousins//max & reed are the cutest//ave does not like to be cold...like mother, like daughter//

//somebody hacked into our ipod...they look so guilty don't they?//

//best movie of 2012!!!!!!!!//

//rode trax to slc & max had the time of his life!//visited the children's art museum, the kids had a blast//

//snowshoeing with my sweetheart//first timer for me!//

//avery tickling the ivories...with her bum//

//the amazing edemame hummus i made for our new years eve (vegan) feast!//

//cute cute cousins//love max smashed in between all those girls//

//jam sesh with uncle bri//

//ringing in the new year!!!!//

//tried out my mom's new curly fry maker//made delicious whole wheat bread for my first time!!//

//came home with this gigantic pile of laundry after a week full of fun with family & friends//

goodbye 2012! we welcome 2013 with open arms!!!