Monday, February 22, 2010

have you ever...

read this book??

pretty sure i was alexander today.

it actually started out as a beautiful day. the sun was shining and max slept until 8:30. not bad. there were some guys upstairs working on refinishing the hardwood floor, but they weren't being too noisy so it was bearable.
then, everything went downhill. i already have an irrational fear of someone breaking into our home, so when i heard footsteps practically running down the stairs to our basement apartment my heart started pounding. fast. then the door to my bedroom opened {where i was feeding max!} and this guy walked right in. i about had a heartattack.
he had earphones in so he didn't hear me yelling at him to get out...and he didn't even see me until he was halfway into my room. you could tell he felt bad, he didn't think anyone was home, but seriously!
then, i didn't have a car to make it to my weekly mommy's lunch group that i look so forward to.
once danny got home, i felt like a migrane was coming on {probably due to the stress of the morning} so i quickly took some excedrin migrane...but the splitting headache still set in. it didn't help that the once quiet wood finishers were now being sooooo loud. so we decided to head to my parents, were i crashed in my sister's bed and took a much needed nap.
when i woke up, i was still feeling pretty danny thought it would be best that i didn't go to my class. {my fav class of the week, might i add.} so i didn't get to hear any of bro. richardson's awesome stories.
after resting for awhile longer, we decided to go grocery shopping before returning home {since we've been out of town all weekend.} max was starving when we got home...but the second we opened the door the smell of wood polish was basically too strong to bear. we took a screaming max back out to the car while i hurridly packed up a few of our things and we headed over to my parents to spend the night. luckily, my brother doesn't mind that we are kicking him out of his room for the night...or two or three.
so there you have it. good thing we love adventures!


  1. Ugh. I'm sorry. I'm mostly sorry about the guy in your house. I would have died. Literally. I would have had a heart attack and my body would have succumbed to the fear. I hope the smell goes away soon and you can be in your own place again. I also hope that your day is a million times better tomorrow. Love you!

  2. That sucks. You know what, Ironically, I had a pretty crappy day too. I had my 5 page paper done on Saturday, ready to turn in for Tuesday (tomorrow...) and I noticed that my laptop wasn't turning on. I FLIPPED. It took me a few heart felt prayers, stomping around the apartment, and calling Ryan. Turns out my power plug wasn't plugged in. I kind of felt stupid after. BUT basically, the moral of the story is to back up all my work for next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR get a better laptop! lol.

    I am SORRY you had a bad day. After that laptop stuff happened I was like, Seriously Heavenly Father, no more of these or I WILL NOT FINISH SCHOOL. Seriously. Phew.

    Loved seeing your beautiful face and Max this weekend! You are WONDERFUL. Love you

  3. Oh my goodness Jessie! That's so awful!! I'm glad you are finished with that day!

  4. how terrible! i'm so sorry :( next time (just in case) you can just walk over and borrow my car! but next...i'll be able to go with you :)

  5. WHAT THE....??? Why was he just bursting in to your apartment?? Was he doing work, or lost, perhaps?

    Glad you're OK, though!!

    And since I'm feeling headache-y right this minute, I can totally and honestly say I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!


  6. hey this is the first time i have seen your blog and your kid!!! its been forever!! i think max is only about a month or so older than asher!! so fun huh!! hey my blog is if your interested!!

  7. wow. we didn't realize things were so bad. we feel bad! You're probably excited to move out and avoid all the drama you've had to face at your house. sorry :(

  8. oh jessie!!! i feel so bad. all of that sounds awful. and i wish i knew about you at lunch.. we would have come to save you!!! i always tell steve that hardly anything is worse than a migraine.. and the fact that you had a creepy guy running into your room just really tops it off doesn't it? i'm so sorry!! love you!