Saturday, February 27, 2010

month FIVE

our little baby is growing up sooooo fast!! yesterday marked his fifth month birthday--my how much we love him. he is such a joy to be around and we honestly can't imagine life without him. here are five of max's favorites as of late:

1. his latest LOVE is his toes...he grabs those things and sticks them in his mouth every chance he gets. in the tub, when we're changing his diaper, in his bouncer, on the floor. he is one flexible baby.

2. he also can't get enough of that baby food! i think it's safe to say that sweet potatoes are his fav. a close second are bananas {all the sugar in those things made him a little crazy though!} and after today i'm thinking peas are his least favorite. it sure is fun watching him learn how to use his tongue, and experience new flavors. we did, however, have to learn the hard way with the timing thing. we thought it would be wise to feed him right before his bath at night {so we could wash off all the sweet potatoes that hide under his double chin...} but oh my GOSH it messed up his sleeping schedule like crrrrrrazy. he was up basically every hour for the past three nights. finally i started reading some stuff online, and most people advise against feeding your baby at night. his meal is now right after breakfast in the morning.

3. putting everything, and i mean everything, into his mouth. he is getting a lot better with his hand-eye coordination {he is constantly pulling his binkie out of his mouth} so the second he gets his hands on something, it goes straight to his mouth.

4. his blankies. lately he hasn't been a huge fan of his car seat...but the second i throw one of his blankies on him, he calms right down and grabs it with both of his hands. sure is cute.

this is how danny takes care of max when he is doing laundry...gotta love my boys!

5. the mirror. i guess this has been a favorite of his for awhile now, but everytime he sees that little baby in the mirror, he gets so giddy and can't stop smiling.

babies are the best.


  1. I am seriously in love with your little family. I hope my babies are half as cute as yours.

  2. I love that boy!

    He is growing up so fast. I forget that each month is such a huge milestone! Their developments are just getting more and more exciting! I can't wait to start seeing Brin "scoot" on the floor and then start crawling! But that means she'll be into EVERYTHING!!!! Yikes.

    Keep up with the posts! I love seeing pics of hiM!

  3. those are really cute pictures and comments!! ya we are still in provo same place and everything. it would be really fun to see you guys with our little families!! so who watches max while your at school?

  4. That's weird he kept waking up during the night. We feed Jenny once in the morning followed by some milk, and then again before bath with milk after the bath and she sleeps like, well, like a baby. . .