Saturday, February 27, 2010

month FIVE

our little baby is growing up sooooo fast!! yesterday marked his fifth month birthday--my how much we love him. he is such a joy to be around and we honestly can't imagine life without him. here are five of max's favorites as of late:

1. his latest LOVE is his toes...he grabs those things and sticks them in his mouth every chance he gets. in the tub, when we're changing his diaper, in his bouncer, on the floor. he is one flexible baby.

2. he also can't get enough of that baby food! i think it's safe to say that sweet potatoes are his fav. a close second are bananas {all the sugar in those things made him a little crazy though!} and after today i'm thinking peas are his least favorite. it sure is fun watching him learn how to use his tongue, and experience new flavors. we did, however, have to learn the hard way with the timing thing. we thought it would be wise to feed him right before his bath at night {so we could wash off all the sweet potatoes that hide under his double chin...} but oh my GOSH it messed up his sleeping schedule like crrrrrrazy. he was up basically every hour for the past three nights. finally i started reading some stuff online, and most people advise against feeding your baby at night. his meal is now right after breakfast in the morning.

3. putting everything, and i mean everything, into his mouth. he is getting a lot better with his hand-eye coordination {he is constantly pulling his binkie out of his mouth} so the second he gets his hands on something, it goes straight to his mouth.

4. his blankies. lately he hasn't been a huge fan of his car seat...but the second i throw one of his blankies on him, he calms right down and grabs it with both of his hands. sure is cute.

this is how danny takes care of max when he is doing laundry...gotta love my boys!

5. the mirror. i guess this has been a favorite of his for awhile now, but everytime he sees that little baby in the mirror, he gets so giddy and can't stop smiling.

babies are the best.

Monday, February 22, 2010

have you ever...

read this book??

pretty sure i was alexander today.

it actually started out as a beautiful day. the sun was shining and max slept until 8:30. not bad. there were some guys upstairs working on refinishing the hardwood floor, but they weren't being too noisy so it was bearable.
then, everything went downhill. i already have an irrational fear of someone breaking into our home, so when i heard footsteps practically running down the stairs to our basement apartment my heart started pounding. fast. then the door to my bedroom opened {where i was feeding max!} and this guy walked right in. i about had a heartattack.
he had earphones in so he didn't hear me yelling at him to get out...and he didn't even see me until he was halfway into my room. you could tell he felt bad, he didn't think anyone was home, but seriously!
then, i didn't have a car to make it to my weekly mommy's lunch group that i look so forward to.
once danny got home, i felt like a migrane was coming on {probably due to the stress of the morning} so i quickly took some excedrin migrane...but the splitting headache still set in. it didn't help that the once quiet wood finishers were now being sooooo loud. so we decided to head to my parents, were i crashed in my sister's bed and took a much needed nap.
when i woke up, i was still feeling pretty danny thought it would be best that i didn't go to my class. {my fav class of the week, might i add.} so i didn't get to hear any of bro. richardson's awesome stories.
after resting for awhile longer, we decided to go grocery shopping before returning home {since we've been out of town all weekend.} max was starving when we got home...but the second we opened the door the smell of wood polish was basically too strong to bear. we took a screaming max back out to the car while i hurridly packed up a few of our things and we headed over to my parents to spend the night. luckily, my brother doesn't mind that we are kicking him out of his room for the night...or two or three.
so there you have it. good thing we love adventures!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

who knew??

who knew that max would loooooooove sweet potatoes so much?? cuz he totally does. wanna see the proof?

day one:

gotta love those big brown eyes!

day two:

day three {tonight}

he just can't get enough. we decided that since the doc noticed he's been dropping a little bit of weight we'd squeeze in an extra meal of something a little more nutritious. he doesn't seem to mind one bit!

weekend of love

wasn't it great having valentines day fall on sunday?? i'm definitely a fan of having a weekend full of activities. as with most things, it was a little different with a baby...but we still had a blast! danny surprised me with flowers on thursday; he is the best! i was in charge of the activities this year {we switch off} so this is what we did on saturday:

.dinner at tgi fridays.
neither of us had ever been there so that was fun.
.dessert at the sweet tooth fairy.
my new absolute favorite place! their cupcakes are
.redbox rental {danny's choice}.
he chose imagine that with eddie murphey. funny show.

sunday, after sweet baby ellie's blessing, we drove up to layton to spend time with the fam. we got to see danny's grandma, and aunt & uncle and finally introduce them to little max. of course, he instantly loved could he not?? they are the best.

for v-day dinner, danny's mom planned a delicious meal and had the entire basement decked out with decorations, roses for the girls, and baggies of candy and every plate. it was awesome. we spent the night hanging out, and playing monopoly deal and farkle {our two favorite games at the moment.}

we spent the night, and monday had a very relaxing day. danny had his friends over to play nintendo. read that right. they were like little kids but they had a blast. cameron has a little girl two days younger than max...they almost look like they could be twins! little jenny about took max out though, it was pretty funny.

after the friends left, we went with aaron and missy to boondocks for a little laser tag and arcades. it was a blast! danny killed us all in laser tag, and aaron won the jackpot for the jumping jack game. pretty sweet.

all in all, it was a fantastic weekend! we are so lucky to be surrounded by such great family!

Friday, February 12, 2010

i have the greatest job EVER!!!

(danny) - in case you didn't know i am currently in the seminary program at byu. i get to teach three class periods at maple mountain high school. last semester i was at timpview, and the one before i was at diamond fork junior high. so often when people hear i wanna be a seminary teacher they say something like 'i heard it's really hard to do' or 'wow didn't you sleep/sluff your way through seminary' (haha, dangit, im still repenting). so this is why i consider myself the luckiest guy in the whole world, and if things don't work out i will still be the luckiest guy since i got a year and half with God's most precious children. here are some of the best, and wierdest things i have heard from my students' mouths. my words will be in blue and theirs will be in red:

here is a picture of my wife and son.
how did you get her to marry you?
i have no idea
yeah me neither.

ok everybody here is your new seating chart.
if you make me move i'll leave the church.
(what in the world do i say to that?!)

(to a girl who had lost her father a few years ago)(speaking about enduring through trials)
do you have a testimony of enduring to the end?
yes, i know that even at your lowest point God will help you through and comfort you.

(to one of the timpview basketball and football stars)
how has that helped increase your faith in God?
i know that no matter what happens with basketball or football God always comes first, no matter what. God always comes first, no matter what.

(just last week)
bro mckinley what happened to bro maughan? (this kid's last teacher)
hmmmm, i don't know, i think they transferred him up north
oh... why?
they just like to switch us around, sorry.
(he slept through class that day, argh!)

(at the end of each semester)
could you give me some suggestions on how i could be a better teacher
without fail:
bring more donuts
yeah bring more treats
don't have a seating chart
more games
(i suppose i said the exact same thing to my seminary teachers. karma, its real)

(as we are about to start singing a hymn at the start of class)
what the...
(maybe if i pretend it didn't happen, it didn't)
i think: im gonna kill em
ok who was that?
ty: it was lucas
lucas: no way it was ty
i don't care who it was just put the fart machine away!
(i guess its better coming from a machine right?)

(an email i received the other day from a girl i taught last semester)
bro mckinley guess what!!! im getting sealed to my family on wednesday, can you please be there?
God is so amazing!!!!! and for some reason i got to be there with her and her family.

(a student comes running into class)
what's up?
i just ran away from my friends who wanted me to sluff seminary, but i came!
(it is hard for me to express how amazing these kids are!)

What a wonderful thing it has been to teach seminary to these amazing youth. it has been the greatest job in the whole world! every day as my kids leave class i yell out look unto Christ in every thought and they yell back doubt not fear not!
Let's stop doubting and look unto Him always.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

and the winner is...

kate lowe!!

all entries were accounted for and thanks to a winner was chosen.

{thank you, thank you to ALL of you for checking out belly mama's and entering the drawing!! aren't giveaways fun??? i should do these more often!}

i hope you all have a FANTASTIC valentine's weekend.


p.s. kate--i'll drop off your gift friday! congrats again.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

belly mamas + a giveaway!

it's been hard not to tell all of you about this amazing blog that my friend kim has had in the works for a couple months. but it is now up and get excited!!

belly mama's is THE place to go for all of your pre/during/post baby questions. we {there are five of us all together} will address the questions that arise when that special baby is on the way. not that it isn't awesome to see what fruit/veggie you baby resembles at it's a little impersonal, wouldn't you say? all five of us belly mama's have recently had little babies of our own, and thought it would be fun to pass along what we have learned.

so. to encourage you {and your friends} to check us out, i thought i'd try my hand at a little blog giveaway! valentine's day is just around the corner {and i've been learning more and more about illustrator} so i'm giving away eight hand-made cards {like the ones below} and some chocolates for v-day!

for ONE entry, leave your name in a comment.

for a SECOND entry, please visit belly mama's and leave us a little love {in the form of a comment!}

for a THIRD entry, become a follower of belly mama's, so you can be the first to hear about special giveaway's and guest bloggers.

for a FOURTH entry, blog about belly mama's on your own blog! the more mama's that know, the better!

p.s. be sure to clarify how many entries you deserve. good luck!

i've never done a giveaway before...i'm excited! have a fabulous week. the giveaway will end tomorrow {february 10} at midnight. just in time for valentines day! xoxo.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

731 days

it's true. 731 days ago daniel scott and i met at a super bowl party. what a glorious day. it is a little crazy to think about all of the amazing/crazy/awesome things that have happened since then...but i wouldn't have it any other way. yesterday my sweetheart surprised me with brand new sheets for our bed. i don't know about you, but brand new sheets are basically the best thing ever.

i love him.

{images courtesy of the amazing sammy yarbrough}

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

giggling in the snow

what is cuter than a little baby boy laughing at the sound of his mama shoveling??
i have yet to find out.

we love him!!

p.s. are there any fellow LOST fans out there?? what did you think about the season premier??

Monday, February 01, 2010

king max

so thats what danny calls max basically every day...i really hope it doesn't get to that little guys head. he sure is cute though. friday {as mentioned below} was max's four month check up. can you believe it?? i can't. he is growing up so dang fast.

stats: weight: 12 lbs 8 oz {8th percentile}
length: 25 inches {52nd percentile}
head circumference: 16.5 inches {39th percentile}

we honestly can't imagine life without this little guy. his smile is absolutely contagious. {i'm pretty sure every smile is a little bit wider than the last} he has started giggling and it is the cutest thing ever. {which reminds me! the other day danny and i were outside shoveling and max was just chillin in his car seat. i don't know what it was...the snow falling or the sound of the shovel on the cement...but he was laughing SO hard. once i find the video i'll post it} he loves to look in the mirror, fly around as "super-max", and he hates tummy-time more than ever. he has learned how to splash a TON in the bath, and he has officially grown out of his newborn size clothing. {took him long enough!} he may be a little small for his age, but he has got one gigantic personality. oh how we love being parents to this little boy.


wow. where in the world did january go?? i can't believe that it is already february first! the past week has been a little crazy. i'm just now catching my breath. want a recap?? here you go:

monday: play date with the girls and all our little babes. meeting with group for business class. religion class. fhe with our bff's kim & clay, and bj & ellery.

tuesday: homework. class. decide that we are going to enter the bridal fair at provo high as a group for class. questioning my decision to stay in school...

wednesday: visiting teaching. class. danny decided to show maple mountain kids how to play soccer, while max and i hung out with my family. mom helped me come up with flyer for bridal fair. verrry cute.

thursday: buy lots of cute paper, staples, and ribbon for tote stuffers. cut lots of paper. homework. class. teach group how to assemble fliers. spend every other minute of spare time with my boys.

friday: meeting with THE brother ringger. {he works for seminaries & institutes, and goes around visiting student seminary teachers and their wives at home!} he stayed for a little over an hour, while chatting with us and taking copious notes. {talk about intimidating!} he is one of the men who decides if we should be hired on. i think my hands were sweaty the entire time, but danny was awesome. my husband is amazing. plus we had max's four month check up!! my how time flies. {stats to come...}

saturday: illustrator 101 class with the AMAZING alma loveland! danny and i both got to go {thanks to debbie for watching max!} and we learned so SO much. i can't wait to put it all to good use when designing wedding invites/blog headers...and who knows what else!

sunday: teach ctr 5 class. finish tying "knots" for the bridal fair in two weeks. see sam & penny + get family pictures back. they look fab.

so. there you have it. we are living very busy lives right now...but we love every second of it.

happy february!!