Monday, February 01, 2010

king max

so thats what danny calls max basically every day...i really hope it doesn't get to that little guys head. he sure is cute though. friday {as mentioned below} was max's four month check up. can you believe it?? i can't. he is growing up so dang fast.

stats: weight: 12 lbs 8 oz {8th percentile}
length: 25 inches {52nd percentile}
head circumference: 16.5 inches {39th percentile}

we honestly can't imagine life without this little guy. his smile is absolutely contagious. {i'm pretty sure every smile is a little bit wider than the last} he has started giggling and it is the cutest thing ever. {which reminds me! the other day danny and i were outside shoveling and max was just chillin in his car seat. i don't know what it was...the snow falling or the sound of the shovel on the cement...but he was laughing SO hard. once i find the video i'll post it} he loves to look in the mirror, fly around as "super-max", and he hates tummy-time more than ever. he has learned how to splash a TON in the bath, and he has officially grown out of his newborn size clothing. {took him long enough!} he may be a little small for his age, but he has got one gigantic personality. oh how we love being parents to this little boy.


  1. How could Max be anything but completely wonderful with you two as parents?? He really is a beautiful little guy!!

  2. You two are beautiful! I can't believe he's already four months. Time FLIES!

  3. I love this picture! You look amazing!

  4. SKINNY BOY!!!! Brinley was already 11 pounds at 2 months! I wonder how big she will be at 4 months! Holy cow. He is SO super cute. I want to kiss that little boy all over! No tummy time? Dang! Is he still rolling over? He is so cute. And awesome with all the blog posts! We haven't had internet for 3 days so I'm totally behind!