Monday, February 01, 2010


wow. where in the world did january go?? i can't believe that it is already february first! the past week has been a little crazy. i'm just now catching my breath. want a recap?? here you go:

monday: play date with the girls and all our little babes. meeting with group for business class. religion class. fhe with our bff's kim & clay, and bj & ellery.

tuesday: homework. class. decide that we are going to enter the bridal fair at provo high as a group for class. questioning my decision to stay in school...

wednesday: visiting teaching. class. danny decided to show maple mountain kids how to play soccer, while max and i hung out with my family. mom helped me come up with flyer for bridal fair. verrry cute.

thursday: buy lots of cute paper, staples, and ribbon for tote stuffers. cut lots of paper. homework. class. teach group how to assemble fliers. spend every other minute of spare time with my boys.

friday: meeting with THE brother ringger. {he works for seminaries & institutes, and goes around visiting student seminary teachers and their wives at home!} he stayed for a little over an hour, while chatting with us and taking copious notes. {talk about intimidating!} he is one of the men who decides if we should be hired on. i think my hands were sweaty the entire time, but danny was awesome. my husband is amazing. plus we had max's four month check up!! my how time flies. {stats to come...}

saturday: illustrator 101 class with the AMAZING alma loveland! danny and i both got to go {thanks to debbie for watching max!} and we learned so SO much. i can't wait to put it all to good use when designing wedding invites/blog headers...and who knows what else!

sunday: teach ctr 5 class. finish tying "knots" for the bridal fair in two weeks. see sam & penny + get family pictures back. they look fab.

so. there you have it. we are living very busy lives right now...but we love every second of it.

happy february!!

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  1. Busy week. I'm excited to hear about the bridal fair and see the family pics! {That's an official request to post a few...}