Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the final countdown

it's been a week since i last mentioned that the bathroom was "almost finished!" aaaand we're still in the same spot. we ran into a few complications (the window we ordered wasn't ready until last friday, the shower fixture we bought doesn't fit the pipes, and the medicine cabinet measurements online were wrong, so it's too small for the opening!! grrrrr.) so now we're just waiting until russ can fit us in to finish it up.

however, the toilet and sink are in working condition and for that, we are grateful! here's how the bathroom is looking today:

i'm in love with the floor. like, a lot.

poor little sink space needs some light and a mirror to brighten things up...all in good time :)

the light switches are inside the bathroom now! (the switch used to be out in the hall!)

aside from the light fixture above the sink, we had russ put in two can lights:

we're hopeful that the bathroom will be in working order by the end of this week (cross your fingers for us!) but in the meantime, we've decided to tackle another project that kind of got put on the back-burner: the playroom!!! 

carpet is being installed today at eleven a.m.!! hopefully i can get some pictures up for you soon :)

and in case you don't really care about all of our home renovations, here are some darling pictures of the kids from st. patty's day:

hope your wednesday treats you well!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

treehouse museum

because of the bathroom remodel, we decided it would be best to be out of the house. of course, nothing about this has been convenient for us but two very curious children & a house full of tools don't mix very well.

so we packed up our bags and stayed with danny's parents up in layton. with daylight savings thrown into the mix, it has made for veryyyyy restless/sleepless nights (ave decided that she would rather play out on the swings in the dead of night than sleep...this is how one of our conversations went down at 3:30 am. 

Me: "Ave it's really time to go to sleep..."
Ave: "No!! I want swings!!"
Me: "We need sunshine to play on the swings. Right now it's dark! It's time to be sleeping."
Ave: "I want sunshine!!!!!"

Haha it was actually kind of funny (in a weird, sleep deprived kind of way...) but ohmygoodness I feel like I've got a nursing baby again with all of the scattered sleep i've been getting.

anyways! i'm getting distracted. 

on monday, the kids and i took a trip up to ogden with graunna debbie to the treehouse museum. neither of us had been there before but it did not disappoint!! basically, it was just a whole lot of fun. i'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking:

//this fire truck was a big hit! double bonus that they looked absolutely adorable all dressed up! however, max was slightly disappointed that there weren't any boots to wear. (i'm guessing he picked that up from the curious george book that he loves...)

//they loved the rodeo exhibit. could it be that nephi is actually rubbing off on them?!?! ;) who knows, maybe ave will be the rodeo queen someday...

//the medieval area had a sword in the stone. how fitting that we just introduced that movie to max a few days ago!

//the dino exhibit was also a big hit (they all were so well done!) they played with the dinosaurs and then did crayon rubbings of different dino parts. pretty fun. the fish tank (near the dino's) was another big hit with ave especially.

//i thought this rock/water painting was so neat! maybe we should put one up in the playroom! so much less messy than a chalkboard...

//the cutest little indian i ever did see:

//the mongolian hut probably ranked in the top two for their fav. ave couldn't get enough of those little beds!! should a trip to mongolia be in our future? maybe that's where she'll serve a mission! haha or maybe she was just ready for a nap. yeah, that's probably what it was...

//i kept envisioning us on the set of "the sound of music!" with this adorable puppet station. they could see what they were doing on the screen. max was a little more aggressive with the puppets. surprise, surprise :)

//peter rabbit's kitchen was too cute!!

//there are two levels at the museum and in the very center is a giant treehouse that the kids can climb up. max was a little hesitant at first (ave was just a little too short) but after seeing another boy about his age make it up, he quickly followed suite. after that, it was hard to get him away from it!

//ave kept asking me to "please push!" them in the boat. little cutie.

//the hospital/doctor exhibit topped them all for their absolute favorite. the white lab coats, the microscope, and the babies!!! it was all really darling. 

i'd say it was a great way to spend the afternoon! thanks mom for joining us, and treating us to such a fun outing. xo.