Thursday, October 15, 2009

{wild} thing

i just can't get enough of max.

after reading him "where the wild things are" the other night, we realized we have our own little wild thing. a very cute little wild thing at that.

and since i can't seem to get enough of our little guy, here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy:

{max LOVES daddy time. and daddy LOVES max time. it's a win-win situation every time.}

if it looks like he's eating his hand...he is. it's one of his very favorite things to do.

bath time is still a little bit traumatic. but one day he is going to love it, i'm sure.

he is one easy-going, kick-back, chill dude.
{and he finally decided he can tolerate the binkie without gagging himself.}

here he is...eating his hand again. i promise i feed him. he just doesn't act like it sometimes.

getting ready for bed. we're still working on the whole bedtime routine thing, but we'll get the hang of it...soon!

he is also a pro at making a perfectly round "o" with his lips. he looks like an owl every time.

more quality dad/max time. they are both champs at sleeping.

my point exactly.

to put it mildly, we LOVE max. we're not quite sure how we got so lucky...but we don't mind one bit.


  1. You three make the perfect family. End of story.

  2. Keep up with the binkie. It will help with sleeping later in life. What a great mommy you are!

  3. I'm dying with that last pic of Danny and Max. SO hilarious. Scriptures to one funny.

  4. Love the pics! Elliot and I have wanted to come visit again, but we just didn't think we could handle Danny in a mask. We'll try again next week!

    and P.S. seeing our names in your friends list makes blogging totally worth it! haha thanks :)

  5. The pictures are amazing. Beautiful.

  6. Hey Jessie! You have a beautiful baby! Congrats! I figured i should probably comment instead of blog stalk :)

  7. such adorable pictures!!!! you can't post these cause its making me want another one.... crazy, i know.

    so last week was so freakishly busy but the whole time i kept thinking how i want to come over and hang out/bring you lunch. how does thursday this week sound? will you be around? ALSO- tell me what your favorite food for lunch is!!!! and don't just be like... "whatever" cause i really want to bring you something you're just craving lately or love. be honest. tell me. (and i like everything so i know i'll like it too). k- get back to me!

    hope all is well with you guys. i actually saw you from afar at the boys game the other night but had to dash out to put little girl to bed. so cute to see you guys out together and i bet it felt so good to get out and enjoy the night. you guys are cute!

  8. These modern babies have more pictures taken of them than our ancestors could have imagined. Keep the camera going. And its ok for Max to eat his fist. That means he's normal.

  9. dear jessie(& danny),
    my new little nephew/you're son is so ADORABLE!! could you have made a cuter kid? I don't think so. can't wait to see him again, hopefully it's soon.
    miss you and love you!!!

  10. Jessie! It is so good to hear from you. You have such an adorable little family! We hope that you are doing well :)

  11. he is so cute! email me if your still interested in pictures :)

  12. You are totally fine about the picture with me and max. No worries! It took me forever to get down to see him, so I don't judge you at all. I put a little addition to the caption of the extractor picture, but it's basically a spinner thingy that sucks out all the water.It saves my life. haha. :)