Sunday, October 25, 2009

Max loves his grandpas

Maximus seems to love spending time with grandpa frank and grandpa jim lately. whenever he comes home from hanging out with g-jim he says he wants to be a golfer. whenever he comes home from hanging out with g-frank he says he wants to be a pilot. apparently g-jim promised max golf lessons with tiger woods for christmas. and apparently g-frank promised him a ride in the co-pilot seat of a boeing 787 (which hasn't even come out yet!) for christmas. no need to compete grandpas, he loves you both equally.

we love our dads! and max loves his grandpas! (don't worry grandmas, your blog will come)


  1. cute post! It is so wonderful both families get to be apart of his newborn stage!! He has the cuuutest toesies ever! Seriously. Alright...nothing has changed. Still contracting 24/7 practically. Just waiting for a huge GUSH of water or stronger contractions...........still waiting.......!

  2. Great post! Maxwell is so lucky to have the best Grandpas in the world!