Sunday, October 25, 2009

life is {great}

who knew life with a baby could be so absolutely wonderful????

i didn't. but the past month {can you believe he's already been with us for an entire month?} has been incredible.

  • learned so much
  • gotten little sleep
  • had our testimonies grow immensely
  • enjoyed {almost} every minute of it
  • grown to love max more and more every day

though the first couple weeks we lived off few hours of sleep, max has been doing SO much better at nights. we put him down around ten...and he sleeps clear until six. it is amazing. i am a firm believer in bedtime routines. {i highly recommend reading "the baby whisperer" by tracy hogg. she seems to know her stuff.} we do the same thing every night: feed, bath, lotion rub-down, jammie time, read goodnight moon {thanks to the magelby's!}, sing a song, and say prayers. by the time we are through, max usually goes down without a peep. we are lucky parents.

.max loves bottle time with dad. he also loves waving to people...even in his sleep.

max is such a joy to have in our lives. he has been more alert lately {though he still sleeps most of the time...} it is pretty much the best thing ever when he looks at you and smiles.

my heart melts every time.

**side note: the slide show has been updated**


  1. Isn't Tracy Hogg the best?!! I can't wait to try out what I've learned!! I love that book. -I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you on Saturday about geting together this week! I would love to get together soon -but I just came down with a crazy cold and wouldn't dare coming and getting you guys (especially little max) sick! It is miserable! But as soon as I am better I would SO love to get together and catch up. I can't believe he is already a month, you guys seem like you're doing great and this whole parenting thing comes naturally to you guys! I always knew you would be wonder mom!

  2. You guys got a cute kid there. Tara wants to buy that book. She's heard about it before. You're right you know, the smiles are heart melters. I can't wait to hear baby giggles.

  3. I love seeing all the new pictures! It makes my day! It still melts my heart to see my children smile! Love you all!

  4. man alive he is SO CUTE!!!! Seriously, his little face is so precious. I'm so glad he is sleeping so well. Hooray! Routines really are the BEST. You guys are such amazing parents. He is so lucky. Love you guys.

  5. No you did not have a baby a month ago! Dang girl you look so gorgeous. You're totally glowing! I can't wait to meet Max!! (and BGB for that matter!!!!!!!!!)

    Can you tell I'm dying?!?!?!?! In your prayers tonight, pray I go into labor. THanks girl.