Tuesday, March 22, 2011

truth tuesday

my bff, meagan, is continually inspiring me. the past five weeks she has been doing what she calls "truth tuesday" and writes whatever is on her mind--but it has to be the truth. i've had a crazy couple of days so i thought this might help a little with the venting...enjoy! :)

i just finished my very last paper for sfl 160!!!!!!! i'm taking the final this friday and then i will be DONE. {only 9.5 more credits to go...}

last wednesday night, our power went out at 8:30 pm. oh, and guess who wasn't home??? daniel. yeah, i was a wreck. i have no idea how i would have survived as a pioneer. luckily, i found a flashlight in the kitchen and then i just sat in the living room for a while listening to the rain pelt against the house. it wasn't until i got a text from danny telling me to "light lots of candles" that i even remembered we had candles in the house. candle light is much more inviting than flashlight.

i want this necklace. my birthday is coming up...just sayin.
{oh, and in case you were wondering, baby girl's first name is going to start with 'A' get excited!}

max got the flu on friday. i'm pretty sure we have given him twenty baths since then. {ok, maybe i'm not so good at this "truth tuesday" because i love to exaggerate...but it really has been a lot.} we were supposed to go up to layton for the weekend, but after he threw up three times in the car, we decided to turn around. we made it to american fork. it was a good thing too--today is the first day he hasn't thrown up the entire contents of his stomach.

i'm worried that the trading post is going to be a total flop.
advice, anyone???

i am a total byu basketball fan. i know you're sick of hearing the name, "jimmer fredette" but honestly, have you seen him play??? he is amazing. jackson emery is also a fav. i totally have byu winning march madness. {yes, i made a bracket. and yes, it's doing mighty fine. ten times better than my husband's, i might add.}

i can't wait for general conference. and guess what?? the saturday sessions are on my b-day! what a great way to spend the day, huh? i am in some serious need of spiritual pick-me-ups.

yesterday i had my 35-week appt. for little miss. a. apparently, i'm measuring three weeks smaller than i am supposed to be. whaaattt?? he scheduled a rush ultrasound for me yesterday afternoon to make sure that nothing was wrong with the baby. {talk about stressful!!} however, the ultrasound went great. baby is happy and healthy. {and maybe measuring four days small...} what can i say?? we don't make fat babies.

speaking of babies, we have about four outfits for the little munchkin. good thing it will be warming up, because as danny says...she is going to be living in her diaper!!!

my parents are coming down this weekend to help us build grow boxes for our GARDEN!! i cannot wait for fresh produce this summer! yummmm.

oh, and in FIVE WEEKS we are going to have two children. i just can't seem to wrap my mind around that little fact. ahhh. i can't wait.


  1. YAY!!! Truth tuesdays are the BEST. It just feels SOO good to say whats on your mind...and vent about stuff :-)

  2. I've have so many things for you (that is, if you want them...). Remember how I had two daughters? (Sometimes I still don't) We've got a lot of baby girl stuff that I can send your way. :)

    And have you found another way to contact Etsy sellers other than that message thing?

  3. I can't believe you are that far along, it's so exciting! I can't wait to find out her name. I wanna see a preggo pic! Or better yet, how about I just see you? :b)

    Sorry about Max being sick, that's no fun. I'm excited for general conference bday too! We have the best birthdays!

  4. Oh, and I'm obsessed with BYU basketball too...like crazy. But I couldn't care less about the rest of the whole March madness thing, except for that i hope BYU wins, haha.

    And i love checking out the trading post...i just dont make anything to trade! I also sometimes don't get to look at it everyday, so I wonder if others can't who would like to trade or enter the giveaway but come upon it too late? Maybe consider having the trades open longer? You could create a Facebook page for it and encourage ppl to like the page so that your posts show up in their feeds. I'm sure it just needs some time too...it's super cute and an awesome idea!

  5. I enjoyed this post and I just have to say I am very excited to meet baby a, that I think the trading post is a great idea and it is going to catch fire and go places! Sorry about the sick boy glad he is feeling better.

  6. hi - first of all, thanks for liking our necklace. that makes me really happy. second of all - don't give up on the trading post! when i had my first jewelry show i didn't sell one single item. i had put so much work and effort into it. i went home and cried. my husband said "don't give up! it's a great idea and you need to keep going, maybe just switch directions." so if you run into small barriers with your business, back up, switch directions a bit and keep going! you will find your way. it's a great idea and i believe in you.

  7. April 2nd is a GREAT day to have a birthday! In fact, it's the best day to have a birthday ever! I can't believe you are on baby #2. You look fantastic and I'm excited that you are having a little girl. I am sure she will be just as cute as her momma and I hope she gets the same amazing eyes that Max has!

  8. I'm sorry about Max being sick on top of everything else, hang in there girl!! good luck with everything and remember I'm only a phone call away : ) love you!!

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  10. Jessie-
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! btw I love your tradingpost blog...just barely saw it today (the hazard of no internet at our house) if you need more trading options I can trade photo shoots... and maybe Janelle would trade tutu, onsies, or hair things (like what she gave you for A) and then there is always shelly's adorable skirts and ruffle bum onsies- just some ideas- don't know if they are interested, but I think they would be. Maybe mention it at lunch on wed. Have a WONDERFUL day!