Sunday, March 27, 2011

hands up...

...stand up!!

max learned a new trick over the weekend.
not sure certainly wasn't from me!
{i've never been able to do a hand stand in my life!}

p.s. notice the bucket in the video?? yeah, i caught max's little flu bug and it made for a rough night + day. luckily it didn't hang around too long, but i was pretty useless for the entire weekend. good thing i have one incredible husband!!


  1. Ugh. Sorry you got sick!

    Max is super adorable. I love that he just belly flops onto the pillow! And that giggle? I'm in love.

    And remember when it was the cool thing to do hand stands at recess? Haha, pretty sure I was awful at them too.

  2. Ha ha ha!! That is SO cute! He's so funny!

    Oh, and I'm sorry you got sick. The flu is always worse when you're pregnant!! Hope you're feeling MUCH better!!

  3. Uh...we might be the culprit. The boys took the cushions off the couch while Max was here and were falling onto them. :) Or maybe not...maybe he invented it. Either way, I can't believe you got sick. Yuck! So glad that it didn't last long and that you are feeling better.

  4. It doesn't et any cuter than that! :)

  5. Jessie I lost the little thing paper number on it so I couldn't text ya my number! I am so sorry! I remember at the shower someone said you had a blog and I finally found it! My number is 801-367-4530! I hope you had a really good birthday as well!