Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the best of friends

not too many things can top seeing your BFF for the first time in a YEAR. and this past weekend, i did just that! since we had such a nice long three day weekend, danny and i decided to drive up to rexburg to hang out with meagan and ryan...my awesome friends from north carolina. they got married two weeks before danny and i, and just moved out to rexburg a few weeks ago. since danny had never met them, we drove up and had a fabulous weekend. before we met up with them though, we had dinner with linds and jordan at craigo's on friday night. there were about 45 guys from the city wrestling team hogging the buffet line, but other than that the food was great! i hadn't seen jordan since before his mission so it was great catching up with those two! oh how i love my little linds! afterwards we watched heavyweights, and had some good laughs reminiscing about old times.

saturday morning danny and i slept in...SO nice, and were super lazy. my aunt and uncle (richard and sally) were kind enough to let us stay at their place, and we had pretty much the whole basement to ourselves. we played ssx tricky, (danny's FAVORITE snowboarding game on game cube) ping pong, and snuggled up on the couches and read some great books. danny got to meet my cousin chris (they had a friendly little ping-pong tourny) and richard bought us bambino's to try. (basically pizza in a scone! yummm) around 3 we drove up to rexburg and headed to the village to FINALLY meet up with meagan and ryan. it was SO good to see them!! i couldn't stop laughing when she first opened the door; i was just so excited to see her.

we talked for a while and then headed to teton thai--a delicious thai resteraunt in rexburg, idaho. we met up with one of ryan's mission buddies and his wife, and we had a wonderful time. we stopped at G's dairy on the way home for some scrumptious ice cream, and even had the owner snap a picture of us.

the rest of the night was spent at richard and sally's playing a little bit of rock band and mario party 8. holy cow. talk about intense. it was quite the battle, but somehow (still don't know how they defeated us on the balloon-blowing-up-battle!) they won. we had tons of laughs, and then meagan and i watched the boys play ping-pong. we ended the night with a few games of speed scrabble...and it was hard to see them go! we LOVE you guys, and are so grateful for your friendship! thanks again for letting us come up and play with you!

let the creative juices flow

last monday night danny and i went to color me mine--this awesome place where you get to pick out your choice of pottery, and paint it whichever way you want! they have just about everything the creative connoisseur could dream of, and we had a LOT of fun. we decided to make some cute little bowls to add to our dish collection, and we love how they turned out!

working diligently on our bowls

before handing them over to be glazed and finished

the finished products!

the countdown is on for...

woot woot!! i seriously cannot wait for season five to start up tomorrow! we're having a party at my parents house--complete with pizza and everything. yes, we are all fanatics!
anyone else pumped for the premiere???

Monday, January 19, 2009

mr. and mrs. zincke

on january 10th, jessica dahl and stephen zincke were sealed for time and all eternity in the salt lake city temple. danny and i were invited to the sealing and we are so grateful that we were able to go! jessica and i are one day apart, and have i have lived down the street from her since we were 8. brittany herdman and her husband were at the sealing as well--it is SO awesome going to the temple with girls you grew up with. jess and stephen were glowing the whole day, and she looked absolutely gorgeous. we wish them all the best!

jordan river temple

i am so grateful for the temples across the world! they bring so much peace into my life, and strengthen our marriage a little more every time we attend. a few days into the new year, danny and i went up to the jordan river temple. neither of us had been there before...it was absolutely gorgeous! how blessed we are to have so many beautiful temples so close.

ringing in the new year...

so turns out my calender says we are now nineteen days into the new year, but since i just posted christmas pictures, i figured i should recap our new years celebrations as well. we spent new years eve during the day up in layton with danny's family and while we were there we all went to nickelcade which was a lot of fun! with my tickets i bought some now-n-laters and they turned my mouth COMPLETELY black, so i gave them to bri once we got to mike and bekah's...it was pretty funny! we played a bunch of games, ate yummy food, and rang in the new year with a bang! i even got my very first new year's eve kiss....

yes, we are still alive

whoa. seriously, where has the time gone??? it seems like christmas was just here...but now valentine's day is just around the corner! in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, blogging was definitely set on the back burner. but we're back and running again (especially after this wonderful 3-day weekend). since i never, ever put christmas pictures up, here are a few to give you an idea of what went on this past christmas season.

.our tree on christmas morning.
.snapping a pic before opening gifts.
.danny got me deodorant (without anti-perspirant) which is incredibly hard to find.
.and i sent danny on a treasure hunt, so he was super confused when i gave him a piece of paper inside a huge box.

.the gift at the end of the treasure hunt.
.santa brought me a sweet nike running jacket.
.and he brought danny a beanie from gap.
.i got super spoiled and got a chi turbo straightener. LOVE it.

.the after-christmas mess.
.cute mariah found a stool just her size at grandma's...and a fancy scarf.
.me and my sis.
.sarah and i were matching, so we had to get a picture.

.the biggest shock of the day was finding out that my parents got a brand new flat screen tv, and the wii for christmas!! way to spoil the kids after i leave the house. after spending the day at our grandparents, we hung out at mom and dad's and played speed scrabble and LOTS of wii. we had a fabulous christmas break, and are so glad we live so close to friends and family.