Tuesday, January 20, 2009

let the creative juices flow

last monday night danny and i went to color me mine--this awesome place where you get to pick out your choice of pottery, and paint it whichever way you want! they have just about everything the creative connoisseur could dream of, and we had a LOT of fun. we decided to make some cute little bowls to add to our dish collection, and we love how they turned out!

working diligently on our bowls

before handing them over to be glazed and finished

the finished products!


  1. every time i got to color me mine my creation always turns out looking like a 4 year old made it! your guys' looks good though!

  2. Steve and I love color me mine. We have a few creations in our home from there. Steve always gets really into it- he is super artistic- who woulda known.

    So I have run into Daniel like a bagillion times these past few weeks but no Jessie. Hope to see you around soon!!