Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the best of friends

not too many things can top seeing your BFF for the first time in a YEAR. and this past weekend, i did just that! since we had such a nice long three day weekend, danny and i decided to drive up to rexburg to hang out with meagan and ryan...my awesome friends from north carolina. they got married two weeks before danny and i, and just moved out to rexburg a few weeks ago. since danny had never met them, we drove up and had a fabulous weekend. before we met up with them though, we had dinner with linds and jordan at craigo's on friday night. there were about 45 guys from the city wrestling team hogging the buffet line, but other than that the food was great! i hadn't seen jordan since before his mission so it was great catching up with those two! oh how i love my little linds! afterwards we watched heavyweights, and had some good laughs reminiscing about old times.

saturday morning danny and i slept in...SO nice, and were super lazy. my aunt and uncle (richard and sally) were kind enough to let us stay at their place, and we had pretty much the whole basement to ourselves. we played ssx tricky, (danny's FAVORITE snowboarding game on game cube) ping pong, and snuggled up on the couches and read some great books. danny got to meet my cousin chris (they had a friendly little ping-pong tourny) and richard bought us bambino's to try. (basically pizza in a scone! yummm) around 3 we drove up to rexburg and headed to the village to FINALLY meet up with meagan and ryan. it was SO good to see them!! i couldn't stop laughing when she first opened the door; i was just so excited to see her.

we talked for a while and then headed to teton thai--a delicious thai resteraunt in rexburg, idaho. we met up with one of ryan's mission buddies and his wife, and we had a wonderful time. we stopped at G's dairy on the way home for some scrumptious ice cream, and even had the owner snap a picture of us.

the rest of the night was spent at richard and sally's playing a little bit of rock band and mario party 8. holy cow. talk about intense. it was quite the battle, but somehow (still don't know how they defeated us on the balloon-blowing-up-battle!) they won. we had tons of laughs, and then meagan and i watched the boys play ping-pong. we ended the night with a few games of speed scrabble...and it was hard to see them go! we LOVE you guys, and are so grateful for your friendship! thanks again for letting us come up and play with you!


  1. We love YOUUUUUUUU guys!

    You have done an amazing job blogging is last week! I love seeing new updates!!! Love you!

  2. Did you see my comments on Meagan's blog? Ella wants Jessie and Meagan to come to hers house. I put it verbatim on Meagan's blog.

  3. How fun! I miss Rexburg so much, i'm jealous you guys went! We need to play soon or do another FHE! We miss you guys :) Oh and next time you guys go to color me mine, call us! We've always wanted to go!