Monday, February 02, 2009

virtual tour: part one

many of our friends who live away from us have wanted to see pictures of our humble little home. we are still very much in the process of getting it exactly how we'd like it...but by the time that rolls around we will probably have moved! as for now, i've captured the first front three rooms to give you all a feel of what our home is like! (the bedroom and our living room will be posted shortly...they are still in the process of either a) being clean for a period longer than ten minutes or b) being completely ready to show to the public. until then i found a couple other pictures of our backroom that i took when we first moved in. it looks a tiny bit different now. i'm just wetting your palate for more pictures to come.

the layout of our home is slightly strange. after walking up a steep flight of stairs, you get to our front door. from there you enter into a super ghetto entryway (sorry no pics)...and THEN you enter our kitchen! the picture above is what you see once you walk into the kitchen.

danny helped me make the corkboard above the sink. he is the greatest! we still need to put pictures up but it adds a nice touch.

our spacious bathroom that we love.

our backroom/living room. one day we'll have a normal place where the living room is the first room you enter. but we love our unique little home. it is PERFECT for us! (minus all the mice!)


  1. I've been wanting to put a virtual tour of my apartment up so my family can see it's never presentable enough for the web. I mean, it's not super dirty, but I feel like it has to be perfect for all to see! Maybe tomorrow...maybe tomorrow. You apartment looks GREAT! I still think it would be funny to see Josh in your place. He'd smack his head left and right! I married a giant! :) Ok, I'll stop now. This is the longest blog comment I've ever written. Only for you Jessie! ;)

  2. I love it, you gave made that place SO cute! I wish I had your design talent and good eye for cute ideas! I just might be copying your criss cross board idea from the kitchen! I love it, hope you don't mind :) Oh and it's been a while, lets play soon!

  3. Jessie you are such a cute decorator. I love your apartment. It is so cute. Doug and I are coming down next week on Thursday and staying till Sunday. Maybe we could get together. I miss you.

  4. Cute place!! You have really made that place into a cute little home for you guys- i love it!

  5. cute youve done a good job! little places are the best- less cleaning!

  6. Brother, you gotta make that place your own; I expect to see some posters of Optimus Prime or Wolverine plastered all over those bare walls in the coming weeks!